Recently Updated318 I have to admit that I use to take the Fourth of July for granted when we lived in the US, but now I am longing for that lazy weekend with all it’s American charm.  Ten years outside the US and I am aching for the fireworks, the barbecue, the sweet tea, the American flag, and some strawberry shortcake, so today is all about Red White and Blue in honor of the the Fourth which I hope will inspire us all to bring a bit of the American spirit into our lives, no matter where we live!

It’s pretty hard not to feel nostalgic about a land that was created for life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…

Recently Updated330 Wear your stripes.  Photo Here, Stripe Favorites here, here, and here.

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Valentina Fussell Red White and Blue Strawberry Shortcake

10544ec7d3b36e72779ddf5222b9608b Photo:: Here, Similar Sweater & Shorts Recently Updated338 Blue Shells

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Recently Updated326 Photo: Shalice Noel, Shirt, Jeans, Heel

Valentina Fussell Franklin Tennessee-2 Photo:: Franklin, Tennessee by Tina Fussell

f1e867c0259c82c27b1c45aaa20cda08 No Bake Cheesecake in a Jar Valentina Fussell Liberty

Recently Updated327 White Blazer, Stripe Tee Here, Hereand here, Jeans Here

Red white and blue Red Walls:: Architectural Digest

Valentina Fussell Franklin Tennessee-3 American Flag by Tina Fussell Recently Updated339

Valentina Fussell Franklin Tennessee American Dream by Tina Fussell

1399c3c52fbbff7773f86c202d0304a2 Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush or Ruby Rush, Nails in Smoke Red

Recently Updated320 Formal Dining in Blue

Recently Updated334 Red, White & Blueberry Ice Cream Pie (Gluten Free)

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Photo:: Here, Navy Trench, Grey Blazer: Here and Here, White V Neck, Jeans, & Heel or this flat

Valentina Fussell Red White and Blue Modern Americana Bedroom

Valentina Fussell Red White and Blue Blue Chinoiserie via Laurel Home

Recently Updated335 American Flag Cake

Recently Updated321 Maggie Rizer by Arthur Elgort for Vogue, June 1999


Happy Fourth of July to my American friends and family and happy weekend to all!

 (More Fireworks here)


Valentina Fussell Peonies

Our friends brought us these beautiful pink peonies and, of course, I had to snap a few photos and share them because they kind of blew my mind.  Peonies seem to grow almost like weeds here in Denmark, so the florists are full of them and I literally cannot keep myself from buying them, photographing them, and even stopping at every one I see along the way and taking a good sniff.  In fact, I got caught last night with my nose stuck in someone’s flower garden and I sheepishly looked up and exclaimed, “Oh sorry!  They smell so good!”  She was very gracious and said it was totally fine, but I need to get better at being a little less of a flower magnet or better at not getting caught!

Valentina Fussell Peonies-2

In addition to the pink peonies, a couple books arrived in the mail yesterday which is always an exciting event.  I have been wanting Vanity Fair 100 Years for ages and am delighted to report that I was not disappointed.  Not only does it look great on a coffee table, but it’s super inspiring and interesting to read.  I also ordered a copy of Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent book which is equally mind blowing.  Karl Lagerfeld is known for saying that…

Valentina Fussell Peonies-3

“If you close your eyes and imagine the ideal French woman, it would be Carine Roitfeld.”

That was all the motivation I needed to order her book.  And yet again, I was not disappointed and will now be ordering her much coveted CR Fashion Book Magazines, which have a near cult-like following.

(Also on my table are the Ferm Living Mini Vase/Pencil Holder/cup and a stunning crystal glass Paper Weight from Studio Arhoj.)


What about you?  What is on your summer reading list/decorating agenda?

Photography: Tina Fussell


Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-001

Last week the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to get out and go for a walk.  Jack and I headed to Frederiksberg, one of our favorite parts of the city because it has a very French feel to it with wide tree lined streets, parks, shops, and cute little restaurants.  This area is quite unique because it is like a piece of pie coming away from Copenhagen’s city center, sandwiched between Vesterbo and Nørrebro, two other neighborhoods with their own very distinct characteristics.  But Frederiksberg is technically not part of Copenhagen and has it’s own city council.  Either way, it is one of the most sought after areas in and around Copenhagen to live and I think when you join us for a walking tour of Frederiksberg you will definitely see why!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-3 How sweet is this couple?  I hope this will be my husband and me many years from now!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-5 The luscious gardens are one of my favorite parts of this area! Roses and peonies are in bloom right now and you can literally smell them as you walk by!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-6 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-7 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-010 All along Pille Alle, the street across the street from the Frederiksberg Gardens are charming restaurants and cafes.  The hard part is trying to choose one!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-11 How gorgeous are these hydrangea?  They are in bloom all over the city as well in June and July.

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-011 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-12 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-14 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-014 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-15 Definitely stop in Oliver’s for a cup of coffee.  It’s located on Frederiksberg Alle, it is the perfect place to people watch!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-16 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-19 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-20 Frederiksberg Alle feels so French with the tree lined boulevard and the architecture.  Sigh… Paris in Copenhagen.

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-26 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-30 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-31 There are many florists to choose from and this one offers some beautiful temptation.

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-32 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-33 Karmaman is a super cool Food Market that offers great snacks, coffee, along with a hip environment.

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-34 Bikes, cafes, and puppy dogs… All the reasons to keep walking and snapping…

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-38 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-39 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-40 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-42 Book your stay at Hotel Sct. Thomas for a highly affordable centrally located stay that has beautiful scenery all around!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-46 Pop into Gestus for a coffee and a pastry. You can sit down inside or out, but best of all, they offer coffee to go if you are wanting to see more of the city without stopping.

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-055 Head down Værnedamsvej, a road that connects you back to Frederiksberg through Vesterbro.  This street is packed with great design shops, one of my favorite florists, and Granola, a definite favorite of locals and visitors!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-56 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-50 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-52 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-69

Now head back up through Frederiksberg via Gammel Kongevej, one of the best shopping streets in the Copenhagen area.  There are many local shops to choose from and you could easily spend an entire day just exploring this street!
Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-71 Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-075 We stopped into Ipsen & Co for lunch and loved the great design and the summer menu options!

Valentina Fussell Frederiksberg-72
We hope you enjoyed joining us for our little Walking Tour of Frederiksberg!  We had to head out to pick up the kids after lunch, but this area could easily be explored all day long.  We suggest grabbing an afternoon coffee, and maybe even some sandwiches from Meyers Deli and heading back to the park for an evening picnic!


Photography: Jack and Tina Fussell


Modern Danish Home

We heard lots of great feedback from many of you after yesterday’s home tour, but some of you expressed a bit of frustration in feeling that the home featured felt too far removed from your own home.   I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite pieces to create a similar look in your home, no matter what country you live in.  To create a Danish Modern look with feminine features, it is all about keeping the lines of your furniture simple while adding in softer touches for a little bit of femininity.  Don’t be afraid to paint your walls white.  It reflects light, will keep your rooms bright, and give you a beautiful backdrop for your furnishings and decor to really shine against.

Here are some things that will help recreate the living room look:: 

1. Geometric Pillow  2. Leather Ottoman  3.   Moroccan Trey Table  4.  Succulents  5.  Simple + Bold Artwork  6.  Textured Vase  7.  Clean Lined Sofa  8. Fur Pillow and/or Sheepskin

Flying House Danish Modern

The same principles go in the dining area.  We love plastic chairs because they are kid friendly and don’t forget to add a punch of color with artwork.  Splurge on timeless accessories and lighting::

1. Chevron Vase  2.  Modern Chair (Budget Friendly)  3.  Modern + Feminine Lighting  4.  Kubus Candle Holder  5.  Modern + Bold Art  6.  Modern Dining Table  7.  Contrasting Wall Color  8.  Crystal Bowl  9.  Cow Skin Rug

Danish Modern

The bedroom is the perfect place to go ultra feminine and splurge on sumptuous linens, but balance the look with modern furnishings to keep it from feeling too sweet::

1. Stitched Quilt  2.  Graphic Pillow  3.  Modern Stool  4.  Jewelry Storage  5.  Embossed Jewelry Box  6. Mid Century Dresser  7.  Graphic Picture Frames  8.  Metallic Silk Pillow


We hope you saw something that caught your eye!  Incorporating different styles into your home is the true way to express a global lifestyle!


Modern and Feminine Danish Home Tour

by Tina on June 29, 2015

in Decor

Capital Homes Krimsvej 21-11

Hello and Happy Monday to you!  I am super excited to get another week started, especially since I have a tour of a modern and feminine Danish home to share.  The current owner, Pia, is a fellow design enthusiast and that really shows in her perfectly styled home.  (I simply walked in and photographed the home as is, since Pia is heading out for a bit of adventure and a job opportunity in Australia & New Zealand and will be renting her furnished home to one lucky duck!)  This home is located just steps away from Amager Beachpark and the Metro, so it’s ideally situated for anyone wanting to live the modern Danish dream where clean lines rule, and access to the city and the beach is just steps away.

Valentina Fussell Modern Danish Valentina Fussell Modern Danish Valentina Fussell Modern Danish Valentina Fussell Modern Danish Valentina Fussell Modern Danish

Capital Homes Krimsvej 21-20 Valentina Fussell Modern Danish and Feminine Home Valentina Fussell Modern Danish and Feminine Home

Capital Homes Krimsvej 21-29 Capital Homes Krimsvej 21-30 Valentina Fussell Valentina Fussell Modern Danish Capital Homes Krimsvej 21-37 Capital Homes Krimsvej 21-38

Pretty amazing, right?  Anyone else ready to move in?

Find out more about this home at Capital Homes.  All photography by Tina Fussell for Capital Homes.