The Unfinished Dining Room

by Tina on July 23, 2014

in Decor, our home

traveling mama black dining room-001

Just before we locked up our house in Denmark, I did something really crazy.  On somewhat of a whim I decided to start painting things and besides the cabinet, the table also fell victim to my brush.  I was tired of living in all white and wanted to add a little bit of drama.  I didn’t get a chance to do anything with the room, so now it is just sitting and waiting for our return.  I have no idea if at the end of this six months I will hate the paint colors or will run to them with open arms, but for now, all I can do is just let it be.


drive in the clouds

by Tina on July 22, 2014

in France, photography, Switzerland, Travel

traveling mama ride in the clouds-13

“I wonder what a cloud feels like.”  That is what our son pondered while biting his lower lip as he looked up from the valley to the clouds hanging low over the mountain tops.  Maybe some of you would know just how to answer that question, but for us, the clouds were places that only birds and airplanes got to experience.

He had sparked a family debate about what it would feel like as we all guessed how fluffy and white it might be, none of us realizing that just a couple days later we would actually find ourselves literally taking a drive in the clouds.

As we drove up the steep incline of the mountains between Switzerland and France we could see that we were about to enter the clouds and excitedly rolled down the window in eager anticipation.

Cool, wet mist filled the car and we all got little chills.  We put our hands out the window and literally touched the clouds.  Wow.

The kids and I closed our eyes and breathed in the pine scented clouds that were so dense around us.

How completely awesome and utterly unforgettable.

We reluctantly began our descent back down the mountain, but not without promising to remember that moment for ever and ever.

traveling mama ride in the clouds-12 traveling mama ride in the clouds-11 traveling mama ride in the clouds-22 traveling mama ride in the clouds-10 traveling mama ride in the clouds-6 traveling mama ride in the clouds-5

traveling mama ride in the clouds-14 traveling mama ride in the clouds-17

Have you ever touched the clouds?  Do you remember what it felt like?  


To capture these amazing moments, I was so grateful to have the Tamron 24-70 lens.  It allowed me to zoom in and out quickly and snap these shots from the car window.  I got to live in that moment without having to fuss with my camera or changing lenses.  It was already my favorite lens, but now I have another reason to love it even more.

Photography: Tina Fussell

Thank you to Tamron for your generosity.


Happy Weekend…

by Tina on July 18, 2014

in Switzerland

traveling mama ride in the clouds-26

We are just about settled into our temporary home, but have had a bit of trouble with the internet connection.  We should be up and going by Monday and will have so much to share next week.  Until then, here is a little peek of our drive in the clouds…

Switzerland gave us quite the send off!  Happy Weekend, everyone! xo


Photography: Tina Fussell


Home Again, Sort Of

by Tina on July 17, 2014

in family

traveling mama atlanta

The past few days have gone by in a near blur.  Our family welcomed us not only with arms held wide (while holding up a huge welcome home sign!) but threw us a huge party, complete with kids running around, lots of laughter and tons of catching up.  It has been nothing short of pure bliss!  I met my newest nephew and haven’t stopped hugging the other six.  We have played in the pool, danced in the rain (thanks to a freak sudden downpour), and lived as though there was no tomorrow.

We have no routine, except to seek out as many family members as possible at once, and have barely just begun to settle into our temporary living quarters (with an internet connection that is slower than molasses!)

I have always heard people say that we should never refer to the US as “home” because it will make our kids feel like our home abroad isn’t really home, but over the last few days I have come to the conclusion that some of us, if we are really, really lucky, get to feel at home in more than one place.  My mom put it so well when she told me that home isn’t a place, but rather a state of being… a feeling that we have when everything feels right and our hearts are at rest.

I know the next six months are going to be wild and busy and full of travel, but in this moment we have never felt happier to be home with all of our family surrounding us and loving on us.  It’s pretty awesome!

traveling mama atlanta2-2 traveling mama atlanta2-3 traveling mama atlanta2

Photography: Jack Fussell



We’re Coming to America …

by Tina on July 15, 2014

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traveling mama going home

The day is finally here.  We have finished up our last few days of work here in Europe and now it is time to head to the US.  If excitement could carry us, we would have no need for wings because we are nearly flying with anticipation for that moment when we will step off the plane, be in America, and happily in the arms of our family.

We have a million things to see, countless places to go, a bucket list a mile long, but right now the only thing that matters to us is going home to our family and being in their world for a change… and not with a screen between us or time differences to consider or any of those things that have so often kept us from reaching out and touching the people whom we hold so close to our hearts… But for six whole months we get to sit in their living rooms, hug them constantly, and catch up on all the things that we have missed these last four years while we have been away.

Our hearts are pounding in our chests and our feet are barely touching the ground because today we’re coming to America!

Collages4 Collages5 Collages6 Collages7 Collages8


I want to say a very big thanks to HUAWEI who very generously sent us their newest smartphone, The Ascend P7, to travel with.  We would have previously sworn that we were a one brand dedicated family, but this phone has absolutely blown us away.   With a larger screen, an amazing camera, and a sleek design, it has completely won us over.

Our daughter, Hailey, has been helping us capture some of the candid moments that happen while we travel these last few days and I nearly cried when she showed me these photos from the airport.  We travel all the time but always forget to get photos of the journey, but that is what is so great about having a phone like the HUAWEI, it is easy to carry, packs without trouble, and captures those truly spectacular travel moments that sometimes slip by unnoticed.

Thank you, sweet Hailey, for giving us these beautiful photos, and thank you to HUAWEI for your generosity.

We look forward to sharing loads more from the big ‘ol USA starting next week! xx