A Day of Rest… sort of.

by Tina on September 1, 2014

in Food, photography

traveling mama donut + coffee-3

It is Labor Day here in the US, which for many means a day of rest or if you are the shopping type, it’s a great time to shop til’ you drop!  We are taking a few minutes today to catch our breath before we head out again.  We shot a gorgeous wedding on a horse farm over the weekend, spent time with our family, and filled the remaining time brainstorming and dreaming.  There has been so much swirling around in our brains these last few weeks.  We are working on something really big and what we hope will be super exciting for you all.

We are also trying to drink up every last minute we can with our family, so this week we are heading down to Florida to visit with our extended family.  We are chasing the warm weather, there is no denying that!  Denmark has certainly made us appreciative of relatives who live in warm places!  {smiles}

I hope this week can be relaxing for you and that you can carve out a little time to treat yourself to a few quiet moments to be inspired and restored before we all dive into the busyness that always seems to surround the Fall (and Christmas just a few months away, too!)  I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and perhaps a little something sweet, too!

traveling mama donut + coffee traveling mama donut + coffee-2

We hope to have loads of fun things to share from Florida.  Now it is time to go pack and get ready to hit the road once again!

Happy Monday!  Happy September!

Photography: Tina Fussell


Weekend Glam

by Tina on August 29, 2014

in Fashion

weekend glam

The weekend is nearly upon us and with an extended holiday weekend here in the US, I bet many of us are ready for a little R&R.  A lot of us might associate glamorous looks with formal occasions, but even when we are relaxing we can still achieve a look of luxury and comfort.  With a few great pieces in your wardrobe, you can easily transition from weekday elegance to weekend glam. These outfits are perfect for a shopping trip, a relaxed coffee with a friend, or even a quiet dinner with your guy.

Whether you are up North and fall weather has already arrived or you are down South where the air conditioning is always blasting indoors, add an oversized sweater or a gorgeous blazer to your favorite black coated pant or leather skirt.

A t-shirt and a cute structured weekend bag looked a little more glamorous with a sexy heel and a chandelier earring, too.  If you are going to be out and about, just be sure to tuck those snakeskin Vans in your bag just in case. (I bought these for my daughter but may have to steal them back!  They are a special collaboration between Vans and Madewell!)

Weekend Glam does not have to bust the budget.  I’ll give you links below for a few high end and lower end options so no matter what your budget, you will be ready to relax in style!
traveling mama weekend glam

Grey Sweater: High End: Adam Lippes Medium: Mango Low: Target 

Chandelier Earrings: High End: Kate Spade Low: Juicy Couture (on sale!)

Black Handbag: High End: Tory Burch Low: Ann Taylor

Snake Skin Vans: Madewell

Black Coated Pant: High End: 7 For All Mankind Medium:  Articles of Society Low: Old Navy

Grey Blazer: Madewell

New York T-shirt: J Crew Factory

Leather Skirt: High End: Rebecca Minkoff  Medium: Mango Low: Old Navy

Quilted Weekend Bag: Zara

Black Laced Heel: High End: Reiss Medium: Ivanka Trump Flat Option: Nine West


I hope you all have a glamorous weekend!


The Pharmacy Nashville

by Tina on August 28, 2014

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traveling mama pharmacy nashville-2

Nashville has earned the title as a foodie town in the last few years and after a visit to places like The Pharmacy Nashville, you are sure to agree that something cool is definitely going on in this town.  What started out as a fun idea to create new soda fountain drinks, much like the old days when one would pop into the pharmacy for a soda, The Pharmacy has developed into a super awesome Burger Parlor and Beer Garden.  What’s interesting about the sodas here is that they are made to order and only contain pure cane sugar and none of the scary stuff that is usually included in modern sodas.

We tried the chocolate soda and the lemon soda and loved both!  The chocolate milk shake was pretty amazing, too, but my personal favorite was the sweet potato fries.  I taste tested them at almost every restaurant we ate at in Nashville (it was a tough job, but someone had to do it!) and these were by far the best.  The burgers were pretty insane, too!

Just be sure if you decide to pop into The Pharmacy that you get there early because there was a constant flow of people and a long wait for those who arrived after 6.  We went home full and happy, so it’s definitely worth the wait!

traveling mama pharmacy nashville traveling mama pharmacy nashville-3 traveling mama pharmacy nashville-6 traveling mama pharmacy nashville-7 traveling mama pharmacy nashville-8 traveling mama pharmacy nashville-10 traveling mama pharmacy nashville-11
The Pharmacy: 731 Mcferrin Ave, Nashville, TN, 37206


Charleston Window Boxes

by Tina on August 26, 2014

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traveling mama window boxes2-006

There are countless beautiful things to see and do in Charleston, but as you know, I love to simply wander with my camera.  The streets just behind The Battery are almost too beautiful, as if they are on a film set and at any moment a director will shout, “cut” and a camera crew will emerge.

I have a particular affection for the Charleston window boxes in this part of town because they are overflowing with South Carolina charm.  Even now, looking back at the perfectly framed flora, my soul is inwardly sighing with happiness.

Much like some of you, I believe that the greatest beauty that exists in this world is found within our hearts, but every now and then I come across something so beautiful that my heart feels as though it has met it’s match.  One of my dear friends, Jocelyn, once told me that her heart was a peach.  She simply loved peaches that much, and that has left me wondering what my heart would be… and perhaps, just perhaps, it is a Charleston window box. {smiles}  I think I would be very happy to discover that my heart really is such a beautiful place.

traveling mama window boxes2-005 traveling mama window boxes-3 traveling mama window boxes-4 traveling mama window boxes-5 traveling mama window boxes traveling mama window boxes2-2 traveling mama window boxes2 traveling mama window boxes2-3

Is there a place or a thing that you love so much that it would perfectly represent your heart?


Photography: Tina Fussell


Fall Beauty Regime

by Tina on August 25, 2014

in Beauty

traveling mama fall ready It is still scorching hot here in Atlanta and while I am enjoying being warm, I am also really looking forward to fall.  I can almost taste the pumpkin pie and feel the crisp morning air that I know is just around the corner!

Little peeks of fall beauty and fashion are sneaking into stores and it’s looking like we are going to be seeing lots of gorgeous jewel tones this year.  yay!  I have been a little impatient and tried a few items that I want to share with you today because some are so awesome that it doesn’t matter if fall has arrived where you are or if you are still hanging out in shorts and tshirts.  I know you will love each of these as much as I do!

First, be sure to start with flawless skin with Roche-Posay’s Toleraine Face wash.  I have been hunting for something like this since I was about 13.  Seriously.  I have tried almost every brand out there and this stuff is AMAZING.  It’s free of lots of the stuff we are all trying to avoid and you only need a teensy tiny dab to wash your face so it is going to last you a long, long time.  I haven’t had a single blemish on my skin since I switched six weeks ago and I am IN LOVE.  I use the Redermic C Moisturizer which is a bit pricey when you add in the cost of the face wash, but again, it’s worth every penny.  (Order through Drugstore.com and get free shipping plus sign up for their newsletter and they will send you a coupon code!)

Here are some more products that I am currently loving:

1. Beauty Blender : I may be the last person on this bandwagon, but my goodness, am I ever glad I jumped on!  I love my beauty blender because it gives my skin a flawless, airbrushed look AND keeps my hands from getting messy.  Totally worth the investment!

2. Bobby Brown Smokey Nudes Lipstick: This lipstick is the perfect compliment to the smokey eye, plus it’s creamy and matte, so it’s just perfect for the fall’s muted tones.

3. Mac Passionate Quest Eye Palette: I have yet to meet a Mac product that I didn’t love and this stunning eye shadow palette does not disappoint.  These eye shadows are soft and creamy and stay on all day when paired with Mac’s eye Paint.  (I apply Bamboom before my eye shadow and have been thrilled that one little bottle has lasted me a whole year!)

4. Chanel Le Volume Mascara : Girls.  This stuff is INSANE.  My husband looked at me the first time I had this stuff on and went, “Whoa, did you do something different with your eyes?”  Of course, my next question was, “different as in awesome or different as in OMG that is scary?”  Since I am recommending it to you, then you have probably guessed that he loved it AND my mom and my sister noticed it, too.  It makes my eye lashes look a gazillion miles long while plumping them, too.  It’s a tad on the pricey side, but I’ll eat a few extra pb&j’s this month just to have these sexy lashes!

5. Butter London Pink Pistol Nail Polish:  Grab a bottle of this shimmery color and you will have the perfect finishing touch for your fall look.  (It’s a little more burgundy pink in real life, but it’s beautiful and goes perfectly with the smokey eye shadows!)


Do you have any products that you have tried lately and love?  I always love hearing recommendations!