Get The Look:: A Monochromatic Kitchen

by Tina on December 18, 2014

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Traveling Mama Monochromatic Kitchen

We are back today to chat more about our Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover.  I cannot believe how vulnerable I have felt putting myself “out there” on video, but your support and excitement have definitely been an encouragement to me, so thank you SO much!  Today I want to share some of my favorite things that helped create our monochromatic kitchen on a budget. If your feedback is any sign, then the general consensus is that the leather handles and black paint stole the show, but there are some other supporting actors that I think really brought the kitchen to it’s full potential.  Maybe some of these could even be great last minute holiday gift ideas, too! Traveling Mama Monochromatic Kitchen

1. White Cake Stand :: $19.99 (+ free shipping!) :: Target

2. Leather Handles (come in several colors and sizes!) ::Starting at 9.95 euros :: Nu Interieur Ontwerp

3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (Snag the larger size for the smaller size price + free shipping!) :: $349.99 :: Macy’s 

4.  Large White Mixing Bowl :: $24.99 + free shipping! :: Target

5. Chalkboard Planter :: $18 + free shipping! :: West Elm

6. Striped Cotton Rug:: $24.95 :: H&M Home

7. Acacia Salt Cellar :: $9.95 :: Crate and Barrel

8. Twig Spoon:: $22 :: Michiko Shimada via Still House

9. White Wood Handled Spatula:: $6.95 :: Crate and Barrel

10. Koppar Table Lamp:: $14.99 ::Ikea

We also used Behr Premium Paint in Totally Black with a semi gloss finish.  Add the primer and save yourself an extra coat, too!


Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover :: The Reveal!

by Tina on December 17, 2014

in Decor, DIY

traveling mama budget friendly kitchen

Hi, everyone!  I am so excited to reveal the final shots of the budget friendly kitchen makeover with you today!  Thankfully, we have overcome persnickety outlet covers (and lived to tell about it!) and created a beautiful kitchen that is both modern and gorgeous.  With just a little bit of paint, rummaging through the cupboards in search of some great neutral pieces, and adding the coolest leather handles to the cabinets, we have taken a kitchen from feeling very dated to stunning!  The homeowners are super pleased and plan to update the appliances now that they have seen how much potential was here all along in this space.  So exciting!

Even if you are not in a temporary house, I hope through the video, you will find encouragement to update your kitchen if it needs a little mini update and don’t be afraid to go bold!  This would be a great way to spruce up your space if you are thinking about selling your home and don’t want to spend a ton of money to get it ready to put on the market, too!

Check out the video and tell me what you think and I will post some more after photos below…

traveling mama budget friendly kitchen-8 traveling mama budget friendly kitchen-2 traveling mama budget friendly kitchen-3 traveling mama budget friendly kitchen-4 traveling mama budget friendly kitchen-5

Ah!  I hope you guys love it as much as we do!  If you missed the before shots, visit this post to see the dramatic transformation!

We will be back tomorrow with all the details you need to get the look!

Leather Handles: Nu Interieur Ontwerp

We used Behr Premium Paint in Totally Black with a semi gloss finish.  Add the primer and save yourself an extra coat, too!

Photography: Tina Fussell

Video: Jack Fussell

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Painting The Kitchen Video :: Painting Tips

by Tina on December 16, 2014

in Decor

We are back in the kitchen today with a few painting tips as we video diary the process of revamping the Temporary Home.  In this video you will get a peek at the first coat of paint going up, which is kind of exciting and a little scary, too!  I always freak out a little when I first dive into a color because it is such a big change, especially when going with a color as dark as black!  But this time I think the color is awesome and when we come back you will get to see how amazing it looks and how it really sets of the cabinets!  Painting the Kitchen is, without a doubt, the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to make a big impact and doing a dark color only adds to the end result!

This next video is more of a bloopers… a what not to try at home, if you may, kind of video.  After using several different screw drivers to unscrew the outlet cover (yes, now I know what it is called… I blame the fact that I speak five languages, all of them badly) I was about to video my husband prepping the kitchen to paint when I realized that he was unscrewing the cover with a butter knife.  Did I mention the fact that I didn’t marry him for his brains?  I didn’t marry him for money or handy skills either… just why did I matter him anyways?  Haha!  He charmed me and made me laugh… ah, yes, that!

Well, anyways, take a peek at these little Design Diary videos and let us know in the comments if you like these types of videos or if you prefer we just get to the finish line!


Gift Guide Kid Travelers

Can you guys believe that we only have a few days left until Christmas?  I always keep a running tally of how much I spend on each kid to try to make things as close to even as possible.  Do you do that, too, or do you prefer to have the same number of gifts for your kids?  

I needed a couple more things for my littlest which kind of sent me on a hunt for more gifts for little ones.  I thought maybe some of you might need some last minute gift ideas for your little travelers, so today I am sharing my 2014 Gift Guide for Kid Travelers.  Each item is something that could be used while traveling or inspires travel in little ones.  Your little peeps don’t have to travel far to appreciate each one of these gifts!  These are separated for boys and girls, but a few of the items would be great for either one!

Boy Traveler Gifts:

1. Flight Pattern T-Shirt:: Earth Cadets (Love their Stay Golden Onesie, too!)

2. My Puzzle Tis of Thee Puzzle:: Land of Nod

3. Love You To the Moon & Back Print:: Spoon Lilly

4. Darth Vader Suitcase:: Disney Store (Wheels light up red when on the go!)

5. Around the World Toob:: Amazon

Gift Guide Kid Travelers

Girl Traveler Gifts::

1.  Didi The Pig Mug:: All Modern (comes in four colors!)

2. Kid Size Fur Blanket:: Pottery Barn Kids (Helps little ones stay warm & comfy while traveling!)

3. Maileg Kitty: My Sweet Muffin (Makes a great travel companion!)

4. Statue of Liberty Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Milan, Paris, New York, London Print:: Chloe Vaux

6. Travel Activity Box:: The Idea Box Kids

7. Panda Water Bottle:: My Sweet Muffin

We will be back this week with great last minute stocking stuffer ideas and more from our Temporary House makeover!


Traveling Mama Gift Guide

We have suddenly shifted into “go” mode as we realized that three weeks from today we will, if everything goes according to plan, be back in Denmark… a thought that brings both panic and exhilaration all in the same moment.  The reality that we have to stuff everything we have accumulated over the last six months into a few suitcases is just plain staggering, though!

Whether you are packing up your life or are on the hunt for some fun stocking stuffers for yourself or a fellow traveler, here are some ideas that are all light, small, and could squeeze into a stocking!  A few of the items are splurges in this Travel Size Gift Guide but the majority of the items here are under $50!)

Beauty Stocking Stuffers

1. Ted Baker Cosmetic Bag: Bloomingdales

2. Diptyque Collection Voyage Travel Set: Saks Fifth Avenue

3. Fresh Soap: Sephora

4. Nails Inc Snowflake Nail Polish: Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Dior Travel Brush Set: Sephora

Traveling Mama Gift Guide The Pampering Stocking Stuffers

1. Smoke and Mirrors Cluster Earrings: Saks Fifth Avenue

2. Marc Jacobs Watch: Nordstom

3. Fur Trimmed Leather Gloves: Ted Baker

4. Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace: J Crew

Traveling Mama Gift Guide

The Practical Traveler

1.  Sugar Paper Journal: J Crew

2. Triple C Power Card: J Crew

3. Fashion Luggage Tag: Bloomingdales

4. Sugar Fresh Chapstick: Sephora

5. Lightning USB Cable: J Crew

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend!