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Jack and I had a photo shoot in Chattanooga, Tennessee this week so we dropped the kids off with my parents and arrived a little early so we could grab a coffee together at Brash.  Our client recommended the coffee shop and we were delighted with the recommendation.  Everything from the brick walls, the industrial feel, and the slight hipster vibe made this place feel like a trip to Copenhagen.  We also loved that these guys trade directly with their farmers, know them by name, and visit with them as often as they can.  The coffee is awesome, of course, but they also serve a variety of treats that are the perfect accompaniment.  I went for the vegan and gluten free (I can hear you adding tasteless which is SO far from the truth!) donut which after one bite I informed my husband that if he wanted a bite, too, he would have to go get his own.  And that was even after having cake for breakfast!

We may be newbies to Chattanooga, but Brash is definitely getting our vote for the best coffee shop in Chattanooga!

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Brash Coffee:: Chattanooga Warehouse Row

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Photography: Jack and Tina Fussell


Apple Cake :: A Fall Tradition You Must Try

by Tina on October 23, 2014

in family, Food

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It was almost exactly two years ago that I ate an apple cake with a friend and went on a unstoppable hunt for a similar recipe in the middle of the night.  This Swedish Apple Cake recipe is, by American comparison, a cross between a coffee cake and a pineapple upside down cake.  Every time I make it I inevitably end up eating it for breakfast, lunch, and, if I’m being perfectly honest, dinner, too.  I just love it!  (But now I am hoping that my gym instructor is not too big a fan of my blog otherwise she will kick my booty tomorrow for sure!)

Seriously, though, this cake is such a nice treat and when it is baking the whole house smells like heaven!  My son told me that it felt like Denmark, which really made me smile.  I think, in his six year old mind, he was trying to find a way to describe the feeling of home.  Isn’t it funny how a Swedish cake can make Atlanta, Georgia feel like home?  I’m convinced it will do the same for you no matter where home is for you at the moment.  So, grab a cup of coffee, and have a slice of apple cake this fall.  I’m certain it is a tradition you will want to repeat every year!

traveling mama apple cake

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Recipe via Epicurious

Photography: Tina Fussell


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The are so many things to love about about Fall, and one of our personal favorites is visiting the pumpkin patch.  This one, Burts Pumpkin Farm, in particular is one that we have visited many, many times… though I think the last time we were there I may have had my own little pumpkin in my belly (my, how quickly ten years goes by!).  The entire experience is meant to be fun and light hearted, where the kids can run around, get a little muddy, and ride a John Deer tractor.  Burts also happens to sell every variety of pumpkin, squash and gourds plus every kind of pumpkin treat one can dream of.  (I suggest trying the pumpkin bread.  It’s delish!)

traveling mama pumpkin patch-41 traveling mama pumpkin patch-43 traveling mama pumpkin patch-44 traveling mama pumpkin patch-45 traveling mama pumpkin patch-46 traveling mama pumpkin patch-49 traveling mama pumpkin patch-52 traveling mama pumpkin patch-59 traveling mama pumpkin patch-54 traveling mama pumpkin patch-48 traveling mama pumpkin patch-64 traveling mama pumpkin patch-65 traveling mama pumpkin patch-66 traveling mama pumpkin patch2-2 traveling mama pumpkin patch2 traveling mama pumpkin patch-77 traveling mama pumpkin patch-78 traveling mama pumpkin patch2-3 traveling mama pumpkin patch-63


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traveling mama pumpkin patch

Fall is pretty much my favorite time of year and after getting a taste of cooler weather in New York, we are SO ready for more fall weather!  Don’t you just love the scarves, the cider, the leaves, the pumpkins, the crisp air…?

I am totally Falling for Fall, ya’ll!

What about you?  Do you have any favorite traditions that you do every fall or something you love to wear, like a favorite cozy scarf  or a knee high pair of boots?  Here are a few things that are totally inspiring me to put the summer clothes away for good and bring out the jeans and the boots, and make a pumpkin pie!

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May your weekend be full of crunching leaves and loads of fall coziness! xx


Images: Pale Pumpkins: Tina Fussell, Paris in the Fall: Sarah Mander,  Fall Quote: Paper Blog, Perfect Fall Scarf: Mango, Fall in Charlottenlund: Tina Fussell, Hot Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream: The Happy Foodie, Pumpkin spice Kitchen: Romain Ricard via My Scandinavian Home, Paper, Coffee, and a Cookie: Rodrigo Ramirez, The Beginning of Fall: Tina Fussell, Perfect Fall in Copenhagen: Tina Fussell, Cozy Sweater: Isabel Marant, Similar: Here, Here, and Here, Pumpkin Cake: Cooking ClassyFall Leaves in Copenhagen: Tina Fussell


A Bouquet of Eucalyptus

by Tina on October 16, 2014

in Flowers

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This week is the first time we have been still in quite some time and oddly enough, the stillness feels more unsettling than the going.  On Monday I woke up feeling nearly depressed!  Being in one place for more than a few days suddenly felt awkward.  So weird!  But we are getting into a groove again and I am remembering all of the things I love about being still… like having all of my things (sort of) in one place, going to the gym, not having to wash all of our clothes every three days (I try to pack light!), and best of all, being able to grab some flowers and greenery for a place that we plan to be in long enough to enjoy them before they wilt!

In the last two weeks we have been through eight States, stayed in five different places, and walked about 10.9 billion miles (only a slight exaggeration!) so this eucalyptus is just what I needed…  Calming, soothing, fragrant, and pretty!

traveling mama fall eucalyptus-5

Fall is usually a busy time for most of us.  Perhaps it is time for you to grab a bouquet of eucalyptus, too?