Valentina Fussell Cascais-3

The city of Lisbon doesn’t really have a beach that most would want to visit, but the town of Cascais is a 40 minute train ride from the city.  While the ride felt a bit tiring and the ticketing system was having problems, we  thought the ride was well worth it and before too long found ourselves wondering what to Do in Cascais.

The beach was pretty much the only thing the kids could think about, but we convinced them to let us wander the streets of the town first and we all ended up enjoying the tight knit streets, the perfect dilapidation, and the many different tile designs (ok, so I was probably the one that enjoyed the tiles the most, but there were dogs, scooters, bikes, and cars to entertain the kids!)

This little beach town is perfect little escape from the bustle of Lisbon and has a much more laid back feel with many people walking the streets in their bathing suits and flip flops.

Here are some of our favorite photos from our little meandering in the town of Cascais…

Valentina Fussell Cascais-6 Valentina Fussell Cascais-7 Valentina Fussell Cascais-10 Valentina Fussell Cascais-2 Valentina Fussell Cascais-11 Valentina Fussell Cascais-23 Valentina Fussell Cascais-13 Valentina Fussell Cascais-14 Valentina Fussell Cascais-17 Valentina Fussell Cascais-20 Valentina Fussell Cascais-21


Photography: Tina Fussell

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Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional

We have SO much to share with you from the last few days!  It’s hard to know where to start, but since we are still in Lisbon, Portugal and all the yummy treats are still a temptation, it seems like a perfect place to begin.

Pretty much every bakery in the city offers the classic Pasteis de natas tarts, which are a custard tart that some say literally hail from the heavens.  We’ve tried a few but if you are looking for the Best Pasteis de Natas in Lisbon, we vote for those from Confeitaria Nacional.  Not only are the pastries a huge temptation, but the espresso is divine and the architecture pure bliss.  Here you will find one of the oldest cafes in Lisbon, dating back to the 1820’s, and an atmosphere that is quite busy but still very charming.

We have created a video on our Tastemade Chanel to give you a peek inside. (Be sure if you are viewing this is a reader or e-mail to click through to view the video!)
Confeitaria Nacional
Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-2 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-3 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-4 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-5 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-6 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-7 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-8 Valentina Fussell Confeitaria Nacional-9

Tomorrow is our last day in Lisbon before we head to Porto.  We will be updating frequently on Instagram and Tastemade!


Photography:: Tina Fussell


Monsieur Bleu

by Tina on July 23, 2015

in Food, France, Paris

I don’t know if a visit to Monsieur Bleu is in the cards for us for this trip to Paris, but it is certainly on the top of my list.  With an interior designed by one of my personal favorites, Joseph Dirand, I feel giddy and a little weak at the knees, just thinking about dining at this restaurant which I think has struck the perfect balance between luxury and minimalism.  (Two things Joseph Dirand is most famous for.)

With an enviable view of the Eiffel  Tower from it’s position on the Palais de Tokyo, Monsieur Bleu is a favorite among locals this season.  I must admit that I am a little disappointed that no menu is even hinted at on the website (unless I am missing it?) but I assume there might be an escargot or two served here.  (Though I will personally be passing on them!)

I guess when you are known as the coolest kid in town, you don’t worry about drawing a crowd, or in our case, an entire Traveling Family, but hey, the interior is beautiful and I wouldn’t mind sitting and sipping a glass of water here… which I suppose kind of proves my theory about the menu.
Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-7 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-8 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-13 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-18 Photos via Monsieur Bleu via Remodelista

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Daydreaming in French

by Tina on July 22, 2015

in photography

Paris So, we have a few days in Paris and my mind can think of nothing else.

Any suggestions you have for what one must do while in Paris would be greatly appreciated!  I’m afraid that we will need at least six months to a year to see what is on our wish list, but we want to do as much as we can!

Is there anything in particular that you love to/want to do in Paris?  I’m most excited about roaming the city with my camera, eating macarons and chocolates, and just being here after so many years have passed since our last visit!

For now, Won’t you join me for a little Daydreaming in French…

Paris Bonjour Paris Birds on a Rooftop  03-Maximalism-No.-05-@margaret__zhang21 Paris Balcony by Margaret Zhang

4e9bd15dc1265384b0be9a4cc04ba000 Chanel Stairway via Domino Paris Paris Peonies via Georgianna Lane Paris

But First Paris Recently Updated361 Sunset by Framboise Jam

177244167968cface6dd6dd5a9ee1b15 Emmanuelle Alt via Harper’s Bazaar


Oui Oui

7 Secrets To Decorating Like the French 150222-3151

Paris in the Spring by Georgianna Lane 53e571d178cdcec1efd23e301768c891

Laduree via Kayleigh Pope 29071d1c82ee587023ab40dce5e5f793 Angelina’s via Amy Glaze a72c00b00fa57074d7b5b0fd2c0416f2

Eiffel Tower via Georgianna Lane Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Paris And Suddenly Everything is Beautiful With You…
Recently Updated356 Galerie Salon bfb874374955a1fce140484e4e3a8427 Gaultier Entry



The Dark and Modern Dining Room

by Tina on July 21, 2015

in Decor, our home

Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Home-32

We are packing up the last minute items before we head out for Paris, but I thought I might share the progress in our Darker, more Modern Dining Room.

I had a million more projects to finish around the house before we left, but instead opted to simply enjoy the time I had with the kids.  I still have a new piece of artwork to frame that I think may end up in here, another chair to buy for the end, and at some point I keep saying that I want to put something under the large art piece… I just haven’t found anything I liked yet.  I tried some IKEA shelves, but they didn’t feel quite right to me.

Here’s the before:


I thought this was pretty but I was ready for something with a little more contrast and darker colors.  I don’t think I realized until now just how dramatic the change was in here.  I painted the cabinet, painted the table, and then left for six months, then when we came back, I replaced the broken chairs with Gubi chairs and one Kartell Chair and created my own artwork.  I think a nice solid, dark piece under the large artwork might be nice, but what do you think?

Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Home-33 Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Home-35

We have been enjoying this Dark and Modern Dining Room so much since we got back to Copenhagen and, more recently, these lovely hydrangeas, but now it is time to head out and hopefully watch the sun set in Paris.  Yay!

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