Springtime always inspires me to give my home a little boost of color and as I browsed through Bloomingville’s Spring/Summer catalog for 2014, I wanted to grab up one of everything.  I don’t know about you, but I think it is so therapeutic to pack up the heavy blankets and pillows and bring in lighter fabrics, though I do find it a bit ironic that even these spring images feature furs.  They are just such a quintessential element of Scandinavian design that I myself tend to use them year round because to me a room feels mildly incomplete without them.  Of course I never used them prior to moving to Scandinavia and I am quite certain that my former self would have argued otherwise, so I’m quite convinced that a number of you will disagree as well.

If furs are not your thing, do not fear, though, because there is plenty among these images to inspire a complete Spring makeover if you desire.   Why not bring in some pretty accessories, such as pale dishes for a spring barbecue or a mint vase for pink blooms?

Bloomingville is one of my favorite Scandinavian brands and their catalogs continually inspire me.  Not only are the products enticing, but the styling is spot on.  Take a look and see what you think…

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All images: Bloomingville



Afternoon Tea At The Savoy

by Tina on April 23, 2014

in Travel, UK

traveling mama london2-58

There are few greater pleasures than enjoying afternoon tea at The Savoy in London, especially if you have been busy running around the city for much of your visit and need to take some time to relax in a quiet and beautiful place.  The Savoy is the epitome of refined elegance and from the moment one nears the door, you will be pampered with impeccable service.

To begin, you will need to choose between the many teas offered and/or champagne to accompany an abundant and beautiful display of tea sandwiches and scones.  While piano music fills the air, the quiet twinkle of fine china can be heard in the background as the wait staff comes and goes with more treats.  The atmosphere is pure delight and ending your afternoon tea with treys of delicious sweets will likely leave you feeling equally satisfied and delighted.

We recommend booking your reservation at least 6-8 weeks in advance, especially if you happen to be visiting London on Mother’s Day, which is always the fourth Sunday of Lent and does not always line up with the American holiday.  We learned that little tip the hard way when we tried to book our Afternoon Tea a couple weeks before our trip and found all of London booked.  Thanks to a very dear friend who had the right connection, everything worked out perfectly in the end.

Here is a little from our Afternoon Tea at The Savoy, which was my very favorite part of our Girls’ Trip to London because it was such a sweet and memorable way to celebrate Hailey turning 13 …

traveling mama london2-20

traveling mama london2-22

traveling mama london2-23 traveling mama london2-26 traveling mama london2-031 traveling mama london2-27 traveling mama london2-31 traveling mama london2-33 traveling mama london2-34 traveling mama london2-35 traveling mama london2-36 traveling mama london2-37 traveling mama london2-32 traveling mama london2-46 traveling mama london2-47 traveling mama london2-50 traveling mama london2-52 traveling mama london2-53 traveling mama london2-56 traveling mama london2-57 traveling mama london2-59
traveling mama london2-60 traveling mama london2-62


Photography: Tina Fussell, final shot taken by hostess


Dressing Kids with Pomp de Lux

by Tina on April 22, 2014

in Kid Fashion

traveling mama pompdelux-3

One of the things I love most about living in Europe is that the children’s clothing is so fantastic.  When my girlfriend, Anya, introduced me to Pomp de Lux a couple years ago, I was immediately smitten.  Not only are the clothes completely adorable, Pomp de Lux can be ordered from home, which for me as a mom of three means that I can shop in my pj’s after the kids have gone to bed without them getting bored or begging to go to the toy store instead.  Instant Luxury!  The fact that the prices are reasonable and my kids’ sizes always available is just icing on the cake.

I was a little worried about placing an order online the first time because I wasn’t sure how the sizing would work.  Oftentimes in the US, sizing from one item to the next can vary so much with many of our brands, but I have never had any problems with Pomp de Lux.  Everything seems to fit perfectly every time and my kids absolutely love each piece they own.  The cottons are always super soft and the styles are just too cute for words!

Here is Landon in the outfit he helped choose recently:

traveling mama pompdelux-5 traveling mama pompdelux-6 traveling mama pompdelux-7 traveling mama pompdelux-8 traveling mama pompdelux-9 traveling mama pompdelux-10 traveling mama pompdelux-11 traveling mama pompdelux

Clothing: Shoes: Adidas, All other clothing: care of Pomp de Lux

Photography: Jack and Tina Fussell



Alternate Travel Methods: Traveling by Bus

by Tina on April 22, 2014

in Travel

traveling mama london-2

With only ten weeks left until we begin our six month stay in the US, I have been thinking a lot about many of our family and friends who we have not seen these past four years.  Some we have not seen because money just did not allow, but we were quite surprised by how many of our friends and family preferred not to fly.  Growing up with my Dad being a pilot made me a natural born flyer but when we moved overseas, we quickly realized that not everyone likes to fly on an airplane, whether due to fear or simply the distaste for being confined for hours in the air.

That made me wonder what other options might be available for travelers who still long to see new destinations but prefer to be a little closer to the ground.  While trains and rental cars are great options, I also found the idea of traveling by bus quite intriguing.  Many of my friends here in Europe take buses when they travel and there are bus companies, such as iDBUS, that offer really great travel itineraries between major cities.  I think it would be an absolute blast to hop on a bus in Paris in the evening and arrive in London by the morning.  The tickets are very affordable and these buses are not the same as those of yesteryears.  Bus companies, such as iDBUS provide free WIFI, Electrical Outlets for every seat, and TV’s for entertainment, so you, and your kids if you are traveling as a family, will have plenty of options to keep you busy.  Some of my more eco conscious friends swear that it is yet another way of decreasing their carbon footprint as well.

I’m curious.  Have any of you traveled by bus?   Is it an option that you would consider if you haven’t tried it before?


Sponsored by iDBUS, but all thoughts, opinions, and words are mine.

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Spring Flowers in Copenhagen

by Tina on April 21, 2014

in Copenhagen, Denmark

traveling mama spring flowers-3

Hello, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?  If there was any doubt that Spring had arrived here in Copenhagen, then this weekend definitely made it very clear.  The weather was nothing short of glorious with pale, clear blue skies and warm sunshine that makes the face glow with happiness.  The flowers are suddenly blooming and I feel the magic of Spring in every inch of my soul… as though my heart can suddenly dream again and the possibilities for today are endless.

Does Spring have that affect on you, too?

I roamed about our neighborhood a bit with the camera, trying to catch some of the first Spring flowers in Copenhagen because I have a little project that I am working on.  I’ve been saying for quite some time that I want more of our personal work on the walls and now I suddenly have the motivation I need to get it done, though I will admit that when the sun is shining so brilliantly and the weather is so perfect… it is so tempting to just run outside and do absolutely nothing!

traveling mama spring flowers 2-6 traveling mama spring flowers 2-4 traveling mama spring flowers 2-5
traveling mama spring flowers 2-8 traveling mama spring flowers 2-9 traveling mama spring flowers 4

 Would any of you like to display any of these floral photos on your walls?  I was thinking they would look so nice paired with a modern frame and wide white matting.

Photography: Tina Fussell