Home Tour:: Creating a Modern Home With Color

by Tina on September 30, 2014

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Ok, so I maaay have told a little white lie.  I said being in the US had not made me want much color in my life, but it’s actually not true.  I have suddenly wanted COLOR, but I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate color into my more modern style.  This Modern Home with Color tour knocked my socks off.  It is the perfect blend of modern sensibility with melt-in-your-mouth color bliss.  The little girl’s room is SO sophisticated, sweet, and ever so chic!  Oh, and the desk area?  To die for!  Ok, actually I feel that way about each and every room in the house… the closet, the dark bedroom… the outdoor space.

I hope you love it as much as I do, though it may make you want to paint every room in your house because that is just how I felt after seeing it!

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Pretty Amazing, right?  I have always loved white interiors, but what about you?  Do you like color in your home?  What are your favorite room colors right now?

Sometimes I forget that I painted my living room lavender right before we left… I guess the color debate isn’t a new one after all!


Styling by: Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse
Photo: Kristofer Johnsson

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In a New York Minute… Eeek!

by Tina on September 29, 2014

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You guys, I am SO excited.  We are road tripping it up the East Coast, hitting cities in North Carolina and Virginia, then heading up North to NEW YORK CITY!  We have a business conference in Richmond, so we had planned to go to Washington DC for a couple days, but as I was chatting with my mom over lunch a few days ago (lamenting over how much I want to go to New York) she mentioned that it is only a few hours drive from Richmond.  I immediately sent a message to my husband, who then e-mailed my uncle who lives in New York, and within a day we booked five nights in New York.  I am beyond ecstatic!  It has been my dream since I was a little girl to run away to New York (movies like Big Business probably aided that dream!) and now we are going to go check things out, have a few meetings, and do a bit of the touristy thing.  Yay!

I hope you guys have some amazing tips for New York because it is overwhelming how vast it is and just how much there is to do!  We will have the three kids with us, so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear about your favorite things to do, see, and eat and perhaps some of your favorite memories from New York! Recently Updated43 12712806114_8baf74b8dd_o Recently Updated44 image20-e1411396820336 Recently Updated45 Recently Updated51 Recently Updated48 NYFW-Collage_Vintage-Purificacion_Garcia-Blue_Blazer-Jumpsuit-Urban_Outfitters-Street_Style-19 NYFW-TiffanyT_Collection-2 timthumb Recently Updated50 Recently Updated46


In a New York Minute… Photos: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Nine, TenEleven, Twelve, Thirteen


john and ali april 2014-065

It is so hard to believe, but October is nearly here and that means that the holidays are nearly upon us.  Now is a great time to sign up for a portrait session to beat the holiday madness for those family photos that would be great to give as gifts (and maybe even for the Christmas cards!)  We are offering a special discount right now for anyone that would like to sign up for our Early Bird Special (see the bottom of this post for details.)

We really love creating lasting memories for families.  I think part of it comes from watching our own kids grow so fast and realizing that these moments are so precious!

One of the things that make our family sessions unique is that we offer styled shoots with as little posing as possible.  We prefer to direct families into real life moments that really reflect who they are.  This shoot with John and Ali is just one example.  (You may remember them from the days when their Little Viking was much smaller!)  We went from their home, to the baby’s room, and then to the sea to capture what a day in their life might really be like.  (I love the one of the baby happily watching his Daddy play the banjo while Ziggy, the cat, looks on with bored indifference!)

Whether we are shooting with an individual or a family, we always have a great time together and the shoots themselves are always relaxed and fun (even for those who start out feeling camera shy or nervous!)

Check out just a few of the shots from John and Ali’s session and then we will give you all the details below for the promotion!

john and ali april 2014-006 john and ali april 2014-008 john and ali april 2014-012 john and ali april 2014-016 john and ali april 2014-021 john and ali april 2014-019 john and ali april 2014-054 john and ali april 2014-037 john and ali april 2014-050 john and ali april 2014-058 john and ali april 2014-061

E-mail us at travelingmama@pobox.com with:: “Early Bird Special” in the subject line.

The Early Bird Special::

One Hour Session (This can be for individuals or families up to 5.)
15-20 Photos (High Res Digital Images)
Metro Atlanta, Specific Location to be discussed.  


We also offer longer sessions and custom pricing for larger families and events!

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Indian Summer

by Tina on September 25, 2014

in photography

traveling mama marianthi-3

Our life has been going a million miles a minute.  We’ve been staying in a home that isn’t our own, living in a town that feels terribly familiar yet not totally ours anymore, and trying to balance homeschooling, travel, family time, and so much more.  It’s been a little crazy!  Jack and I have felt a little off kilter, especially in our creativity because so much of that flows from a place of settledness.

When we were down in Indian Shores a couple weeks ago, our parents took the kids for about an hour and we escaped to the beach with my beautiful cousin, Marianthi, who is all grown up despite the number of times we reminded her of the time when she was our flower girl in our wedding.  As we began our photo shoot together, we all felt a little awkward together (Marianthi tried to convince us that she hated having her picture taken, though I’m still not buying it!), but after just a few minutes, the stress and lack of creativity that we have been struggling with melted away as suddenly everything fell into place.

It rained every other night that we were there, but here, in the final moment of our time together, the sun came out and there before us was the stunning Marianthi, the sea, and the sky.  It was an incredible moment… one that left us trembling in our hearts.

I know that most of us are shifting towards Autumn, but I beg to take a little step towards an Indian Summer, and embrace this moment of warmth and sunlight before all the leaves begin to change and summer finally slips away…

traveling mama marianthi-5 traveling mama marianthi-6 traveling mama marianthi-9 traveling mama marianthi-14 traveling mama marianthi-16 traveling mama marianthi-19 traveling mama marianthi-20 traveling mama marianthi-21 traveling mama marianthi-22 traveling mama marianthi-23 traveling mama marianthi-26 traveling mama marianthi-27 traveling mama marianthi-31 traveling mama marianthi-32 traveling mama marianthi-36 traveling mama marianthi-37 traveling mama marianthi-39 traveling mama marianthi-41 traveling mama marianthi-42 traveling mama marianthi-45 traveling mama marianthi-48 traveling mama marianthi-49


Photography: Jack and Tina Fussell

Clothing: 1st Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty, Similar in Cherry, Stunning in Summer Quartz, A Great Option for Fall Transition, 2nd Dress: Brandy Melville


Envii by Pernille Teisbaek

by Tina on September 24, 2014

in Fashion


I really thought after we spent some time in the US that I would have a sudden urge to wear color, but instead I have continued to cling to my newly acquired Danish style with my little American twist.  I have really struggled to find pieces here in the US that felt like they would fit in my Danish closet (well, except for a few great pieces here and there!) and this collection from Envii is not helping.

This cool and classic Danish line is a collaboration between the high street brand, Envii and the stunning and likable model, stylist, blogger, and fashion expert, Pernille Teisbaek.  Each piece really has a classic, long lasting feel, but without a big price tag.  I’ll take one of each, please!  (Though it looks like it will take some more convincing to get these great items outside Europe.  Europeans grab up these items while the rest of us window shop!)

I have noticed that a lot of Americans around here are super casual.  In fact, it seems the norm is sportswear for street wear.  I think pieces like these are great casuals that are comfortable enough to run around in, but still have a dressed up feel.

Take a look and see if this collection rocks your world the way it does mine…

P14405025-10083 P14421009-00081 P14409023-00001 P14413016-00021 P14422012-00021 P14422012-10083 P14423022-00009