Let’s Lunch Here:: The Jane Antwerp

by Tina on March 4, 2015

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It is a rainy day here in Copenhagen and I am ridiculously restless.  I was hoping some of you were up for a quick plane ride over to Antwerp and lunch at a newly converted chapel that was once used by the military?  This restaurant, The Jane, is considered a culinary experience of near religious proportion, and is a a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.  With a design conceived by Michelin Star Chefs, Sergio Herman and Nick Bril with the collaboration of Piet Boon architects, the focus was to bring out the existing historical beauty that already existed.

Working alongside .PSLAB, the incredible lighting really sets the stage in The Jane and creates an ambiance of majestic awe.  While older buildings that are not being used like this military chapel could be torn down, I think it is really exciting to see them revived and used in such a beautiful way.

The menu begins with guests choosing from three, five or seven courses, followed by the main course and desert or cheese selection.

Don’t you love the idea of sitting somewhere so inspiring and dining leisurely with a friend… or a lover?  I have never been to Antwerp, but I think I may need to go there now!

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Have you/would you ever visit a city just to try a restaurant?

Photos: Piet Boon via London Design Journal


traveling mama illum-11

The possibilities for what to do in Copenhagen are seemingly endless, but when I have a few minutes to myself and I want to wander around and be inspired, one of the first places I go is the Flagship Royal Copenhagen Shop.  The first Royal Copenhagen shop opened in 1780 and was an instant success, being promoted in guide books at that time as the most elegant shop in town.  Giving much of it’s success to the simple choice in color, blue, Royal Copenhagen believes that it was this symbol of fidelity and secrecy that made it’s porcelain so desired.

Still to this day, each blue piece is hand painted by artists who spend four years learning their craft.  Though each piece may appear identical to most of us, each artist can identify his or her work and that of their colleagues.  The rest of us will find their signature on the back, alongside the three Royal Copenhagen waves, which represent the three Danish straits: the Oresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt, as a great help.  One of the artists happened to be in the shop when I visited last week and it was so fun to see her painting the waves on the back of a piece she had just completed.


To me, the porcelain itself would be enough reason to visit Royal Copenhagen, but knowing it’s historical role in Danish home life for so many generations makes it that much more special.  Oh, yes, and the fact that they continually update the displays and table settings, seamlessly blending their traditional designs with newer, contemporary designs to create one incredibly inspiring visit for clients… That draws me in every time!

traveling mama illum3 traveling mama illum-16 traveling mama illum-14 traveling mama illum-12 traveling mama illum-014 traveling mama illum6-6 Traveling Mama Royal Copenhagen Traveling Mama Royal Copenhagen Traveling Mama Royal Copenhagen

The last couple photos are such fun and organic ways to decorate for Easter.  I took these for Instagram last year but loved them so much that I thought I would share them with you today as well!

Are any of you fans of Royal Copenhagen?

Photography: Tina Fussell


traveling mama krispy kreme

It’s true.  You haven’t really lived until you have stopped for a Krispy Kreme hot sign.  It’s like an American Institution, like hot dogs, peanuts, and football (the kind with men tackling each other!)

As we kind of settle back into life here in Copenhagen, we have been looking back on our time in the US and realizing just how much our time there changed us.  We went into our six months in the US with the goal of exposing our kids to as much American culture as possible and boy, did we ever!  At times I regret that we didn’t update more along the way, but we were just so busy living in those moments that we could hardly stop to catch our breath!  Rather than worrying with regrets, we are just going to start sharing more of the highlights… those moments when we truly felt truly alive… through a new series called “You Haven’t Lived Until.”  We hope this series will go far beyond just the US and will take us to many places we haven’t even dreamed of yet!

I have heard a lot of people say that we travel for two reasons: to escape or to find ourselves.  Those are definitely good reasons to travel, but we hope to inspire others to also travel to discover… to learn… to satisfy curiosity… and best of all to live!

And what better way to start talking about living than stopping for a Krispy Kreme Hot Sign?  When that light is on, it’s as though time comes to a screeching halt and all your senses go into slow mo.  Muuuuust stop.  Hooooot doughnuuuuts…. Just obey your senses… but be sure to only have one or two. Those babies go down sooo easily and catch up about 10 minutes later!

traveling mama krispy kreme-2 traveling mama krispy kreme-3 traveling mama krispy kreme-4 traveling mama krispy kreme-6 traveling mama krispy kreme-006 traveling mama krispy kreme-7

Photography: Tina Fussell 


February on Instagram

by Tina on February 27, 2015

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Can you believe that March is practically here?  It’s crazy how quickly 2015 is whizzing by already!  This month has definitely been one of continued settling back into life in Copenhagen.  We’ve been meeting up with friends, jumping into several business ventures (more on that soon!) and truly loving being back home.  Here are some of my favorite highlights from February on Instagram

Traveling Mama Instagram February

New Life goal: To be found a few years from now, sitting next to my handsomely dressed husband in a gorgeous cafe with maps in our hands…

Traveling Mama Instagram February

Landon looking super cool after his first audition for a commercial.  He already got a call back, so we will see where things go!

Traveling Mama Instagram February

Black +pink + bike… a combination I never grow weary of!

traveling mama instagram february

Was left wishing for a bit more snow… Sorry to those of you in the US that are getting far too much!

traveling mama instagram february

I love the black and white contrast of these buildings.  So beautiful!

Traveling Mama Instagram February

Pink roses for Valentine’s Day because the best thing in my life is being married to my best friend!


Visiting one of my favorite flagship stores, Day Birger et Mikkelsen. Those glossy black floors are another weakness of mine!

My affection for blush pink roses is still going strong, but it won’t be long until the peonies are tempting me away!

Recently Updated193

The living room at the moment, unstyled, and a bit quiet now that all the kids are in school…

Recently Updated196

A Danish classic.  Black + white + bicycle

Despite the odds, we are plunging forward and enjoying the first few mornings with sunrise just after 7 and sunset just before 5.  That is two whole hours more of daylight in each day than when we first arrived back.  I never concerned myself with the sun or weather forecasts or any of that before moving to Denmark, but now it is so exciting to feel spring approaching as the sun peeks out a little more!

What about you?  How has your February been?  Is there anything fun or exciting going on in your neck of the woods?


traveling mama coffee bar

I surprised my husband with a Nespresso machine for Valentine’s Day.  It was kind of a last minute splurge, but he had enjoyed the one that was in the room at our last hotel so much that I thought it would be a fun surprise.   We have always loved our little coffee bars that we have set up in our home, but this one in particular seems to be making my husband super happy.  He has said that the Nespresso machine may just be the all time best gift I have ever given him.  Of course that warrants a sideways glance from me and a “Are you sure that is the best gift?”  The way I see it is that he can have this a couple times a day, so while it may not be better than You-Know-What, it’s certainly let’s me off the hook… at least once a day.  {smiles}

I could throw down an ultimatum… the Nespresso machine or me!… but I will be doing no such thing since I may be enjoying the machine as well and have become slightly addicted to my peppermint mochas made with one pod of espresso, a splash of peppermint, and my favorite hazelnut milk.

traveling mama coffee bar-3 traveling mama coffee bar-4

Do any of you have one of the machines?  What do you think of them?  Obviously, we highly recommend the Nespresso Machine

Calendar: Hay, Large cups: Vipp, Espresso Cups: Starbucks, Spoon: Michiko Shimada, Walnut Pins: Nu Interieur Ontwerp

Photos: Tina Fussell