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DIY DISPLAY If you are a huge fan of or love to switch out your art work frequently, then this idea from may just be your thing.   These two stylists have ingeniously turned an ordinary art canvas into it's own piece of art, and not in the traditional sense of painting on the front. From us based pharmacy  by flipping the canvas over from us based pharmacy, the stylists created a mini shelf and pin board for little trinkets and photos and created their own diy art display.  Wouldn't this be such a great way to gather together your favorite travel souvenirs and photos and display them all together? Have you been on a trip [from us based pharmacy] recently where this idea might work for you? DIY DISPLAY For more information on how to create your own DIY Art Display, visit for the details.   Styling: Pella Hedeby och Marie Ramse Foto: Sara Medina Lind

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