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traveling mama glyptotek-6 If you are looking for things to do in Copenhagen with kids, then look no further than the , a beautiful museum that will entertain guests of all ages.  I know many parents, ourselves included, sometimes worry about the idea of taking kids somewhere confined, quiet, and formal, but the Glyptotek has so much to offer and it is not stuffy or overly formal, so it's perfect for kids.  There is so much to see, including mummies, ancient Greek and Roman statues, and even an original Little Dancer statue by Degas. Our littlest couldn't tear his eyes away from the mummies, especially since some of the fingers can be seen on one!  Very interesting and equally creepy!!  Kids will also enjoy the whisper room where they can stand in the middle and whisper but hear their own voices projected loudly.  We also asked the kids to choose their favorite art piece to make sure they were really looking at them. . . traveling mama glyptotek-11 traveling mama glyptotek-20 traveling mama glyptotek-23traveling mama glyptotek-119traveling mama glyptotek-45 traveling mama glyptotek-137traveling mama glyptotek-22?cat=77 alt="traveling mama glyptotek-138" width="650" height="973" /> traveling mama glyptotek-52traveling mama glyptotek-042 traveling mama glyptotek-42 traveling mama glyptotek-8 traveling mama glyptotek-7traveling mama glyptotek-120 traveling mama glyptotek2-9?cat=77] height="434" /> traveling mama glyptotek-34traveling mama glyptotek-131 traveling mama glyptotek-97 traveling mama glyptotek2-8 traveling mama glyptotek-58traveling mama glyptotek-74traveling mama glyptotek-99 traveling mama glyptotek-124traveling mama glyptotek2-4 traveling mama glyptotek-76 traveling mama glyptotek-10 I hope you enjoyed our little guided tour of the Glyptotek!  Don't forget to pop over to to a view the video tour we created as well!    (Admission to the Glyptotek is free on Sundays, but kids under 18 get free admission throughout the week, so if you prefer to go when it is less crowded plan your visit during the week.  Families with little ones can borrow a stroller if they need one and while only small bags are allowed in ?cat=77, lockers are available, and there is a lovely little cafe in the winter garden that has some very tempting treats!) Photography: Jack and Tina Fussell (and the one of us taken by Parker Fussell)

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