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by Tina on May 24, 2011

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Last night I sent a few photos over to Holly at Decor8 and she was so kind as to post them and write the absolute sweetest things about our little Flying House!  These are some little peeks of our home and over the next few days I’ll be sharing a lot more with you, including some of the stories behind the things that fill our home because I think that is what really makes a house a home.

This little corner has been changed around about twenty million times since we moved in nine months ago.  I think I like it best the way it is now, though.  I love my red ikea lamp and my favorite leather chair from the States (one of the prized possessions that just could not be sold at the yard sale).  I added the beautiful crochet piece my mom gave me from her stash.  She thought I had lost my mind when I asked for it, but I absolutely love it!  I bought the Orla Kiely patterned pillow from ThirtyFive Flowers and the ruched pillow is from H&M Home.  I recently purchased the adorable crocheted candle votives in the window from Camilla of Karamella.  She had a booth at the handmade market I went to a couple weekends ago and I absolutely fell in love with all her beautiful things!

Here you can see my cabinet with a fresh coat of white paint and new knobs.  (This is where I store the majority of my craft supplies.)  There is a mix of old and new on top, including the poster from Morocco and one of my favorite photos of my littlest guy… both of which make me smile.  I also love my antique turquoise jug, which I bartered for in a dark shop nestled snug in the Moroccan medina.  And then there is the turquoise typewriter which I found at GoodWill in the States for $6.86.  I think half the store must have heard me squeal when I spotted it.  I grabbed it and clutched it in my arms as if it were gold… just waiting for someone to tackle me for it.  But they didn’t.  The guy at the register asked me if I realized that it didn’t work to which I said that I did not care.  He looked at me like I was a little nutty, but I just smiled because I like it too much to care whether it still types or not.  The turquoise birds came from a local shop called Brinja København, which you might remember from our Shop 52 project.  I’m amazed that my paper garland survived the trip from Morocco.  I kind of love having it here too!

Of course I couldn’t help but include a glimpse of my very favorite Decor book of all times,Decorate… and no, I am not just saying that because she just featured me on her blog!  It is an extraordinary book filled with beautiful images and practical tips on how to pull together a beautiful home.  It is a decorating feast that is wildly satisfying!

Here is a wider view of the entire room, which I have now added and removed five times because I am not completely happy with my photo.  This is what happens when I am taking the photos and not my husband.  But it shows you a bit more of how the room is laid out as well as my Moroccan rug, which you might remember from when I bought it and my favorite pouf with little camels on it… which my littlest uses as leverage to reach anything and everything that we have naively put above arm’s length.

One last little corner which has changed recently are these bookshelves.  Perhaps you remember when they were filled with my husband’s books?  We finally found a desk we liked and moved his work space to our bedroom, which he loves because he can now shut the door and play his music as loud as he wants while he edits his photos.  (He says he likes being able to hide from the kids, but sometimes I think it is me he is running away from!)

So I filled these newly vacant shelves with some of our favorite books along with little souvenirs that we have collected on our travels… elephants from Africa, shells from many beaches from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico to the Mediterranean, and an Eiffel Tower.  You probably notice the painting from Morocco which I paid a whole $5 for in a tiny shop near the Sahara Desert… it was a steal… and I feel a little guilty for paying so little for something I love so much!

Well, that is a bit of our living room.  I cannot wait to share more with you in the coming days.  It’s been a crazy ride getting settled after such a huge move from Morocco, but it’s also been crazy fun!

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