Going To The Dark Side …

by Tina on October 5, 2015

in Beauty, Decor, Fashion

I have spent a great many years trying to convince all of you that lightening things in the home was the way to go so I really cannot explain my latest obsession with going to the dark side.  Perhaps there is some deeper philosophical meaning to it, and maybe there is, but right now I cannot keep myself from […]


A Chic Peach

by Tina on August 18, 2015

in Beauty, Decor, Fashion, Flowers, Food, photography

Going back to Georgia always makes me want to eat loads of peaches.  As a kid I remember long road trips through grove after grove of peaches.  (That’s where it gets it’s nickname of the Peach State for those of you not familiar with it.)  My Papou (my Mom’s Dad) used to come to visit and he […]


A lot of times people tell us that we have the most glamorous life because we get to live abroad and travel so much, but the reality of travel is not always as nice as the imagined.  A lot of times we are aggravated with each other because we’ve gotten lost or something costs five […]


One of the things that I absolutely dread about flying is enduring the dry, unhappy skin that I have to deal with during and after a flight, so I got pretty excited when I saw this hydrating Lavender & Chamomile DIY Flight Mist on the New Diplomat’s Wife blog.  Ania is a good friend of mine […]


We have suddenly shifted into “go” mode as we realized that three weeks from today we will, if everything goes according to plan, be back in Denmark… a thought that brings both panic and exhilaration all in the same moment.  The reality that we have to stuff everything we have accumulated over the last six […]