Last Minute Christmas Ideas!

by Tina on December 23, 2015

in Celebrations, Decor, DIY, family

The holiday season is busy and there is nothing better than finding a little extra time here and there to relax.  We’ve been posting about our adventures in decorating, gift wrapping, and holiday making on House of Valentina, but just in case you haven’t seen, we’ve got some ideas that will provide some last minute Christmas ideas […]

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Our holiday Craftenhagen events are always my favorite every year.  With the chaos that surrounds the holidays, this November event is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas treats to eat, a warm fire aglow, and Christmas music while we get a head start on holiday preparation. If you have never […]


The No Fuss Birthday Party

by Tina on October 8, 2015

in Celebrations, family

I learned a very valuable lesson about my littlest son, Landon, a couple years ago.  He, completely unlike his mother, hates having a big party with lots of fuss.  After years of creating beautiful parties with matching decor, the perfect party games, and even gifts that match the theme, I realized that all the hoopla completely […]


This year we threw a simple and Modern Teen Birthday Party just for us.  I spent most of the evening before and the morning of Hailey’s, aka Traveling Girl’s, birthday in total denial.  I nearly convinced the entire family that technically it wasn’t actually her birthday since she was born at 11:30 at night on the 14th, […]


Our Parker is turning 10 today which we think is a pretty big deal because it is his first double digit birthday.  Besides being totally pumped about this exciting milestone, Parker is also excited about celebrating his birthday with our extended family (his second time ever in the US!).  We decided to bring in the […]