I had no idea that this moment would make my heart pound in my chest and leave me feeling so breathless and excited, but after months of planning and working, I am beyond pleased to introduce my new blog, House of Valentina.  It’s pretty easy to tell others to believe in their dreams and pursue […]


The No Fuss Birthday Party

by Tina on October 8, 2015

in Celebrations, family

I learned a very valuable lesson about my littlest son, Landon, a couple years ago.  He, completely unlike his mother, hates having a big party with lots of fuss.  After years of creating beautiful parties with matching decor, the perfect party games, and even gifts that match the theme, I realized that all the hoopla completely […]


  Ania is back again this week with another guest post.  Let’s give her a warm welcome.  I can’t wait to hear what her tips for how to get started traveling with a baby!  We have both had a baby in a country other than our place of residence, but let’s assume that’s cheating!  {smiles} Read […]


I don’t know if there has ever, evvvveer been a day when I have said that I would love to go back and be a teen again… until now.  Restoration Hardware has just released an entire collection just for teens called  RH Teen that is so mind blowing and amazing that I am convinced that even those […]


Hello, everyone!  Today I am so honored to have a very special guest writer with us who is one of my dearest friends and an absolute inspiration to me.  I met Ania, known online as the New Diplomat’s Wife (I guess you can figure out what her husband does for a living!), when she moved […]

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