On life and little creature comforts…

by Tina on December 9, 2015

in family, Fashion

It was never my intention to fall off the face of this blog, and quite honestly, those are words that I never thought I would utter after nearly nine years of showing up consistently. As it turns out, my new blog, House of Valentina, has become an incredible delight for me, and has brought more […]


Jack and I were so delighted to help our dear friends create visual stories for their new rain boot company, NIBU, which was founded here in Copenhagen, Denmark.  With more than 120 rainy days every year (written while it pours outside my window!), Danes know a thing or two about rainy weather and they happen to be […]


Going To The Dark Side …

by Tina on October 5, 2015

in Beauty, Decor, Fashion

I have spent a great many years trying to convince all of you that lightening things in the home was the way to go so I really cannot explain my latest obsession with going to the dark side.  Perhaps there is some deeper philosophical meaning to it, and maybe there is, but right now I cannot keep myself from […]


Black, Grey, & A Caramel Chew

by Tina on September 23, 2015

in Decor, Fashion, Food, photography

It seems like I am not the only one who gets super excited about Fall.  What’s not to love about a cozy time of year that demands fluffy sweaters, snuggly blankets, and candlelight?  Feeling connected to the warmth of the season becomes a reflex… We start adding warm colors to our wardrobe, we crave wood tones […]

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Sorry boys, the Bow Tie Isn’t Just For You

by Tina on September 10, 2015

in Fashion

Have you noticed that men seem to dress up less and less these days?  Casual Fridays have turned into casual weeks and it’s such a shame that more men aren’t claiming their right to dress in a suit, a bow tie, or even a necktie.  I get that it might be uncomfortable to wear every […]