A State of Motion ….

by Tina on August 27, 2015

in Denmark, family, Fashion, Flowers, Food

The last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind for us and it seems that we are in a constant state of motion.  In the midst of all the motion, I have rediscovered the joy of travel, something I say pretty much every time we travel.  I feel super charged and inspired by all of the […]


Mike Will Fly

by Tina on August 19, 2015

in Decor, Fashion, Flowers, Food, photography

It seems like oftentimes the blog/instagram world seems to be dominated by women, but sometimes the guys sneak in with something so awesome that it’s definitely worth wondering why more of them aren’t jumping in.  Mike Miguel, of Mike Will Fly, is one of those guys who is up to something seriously good and I […]


A Chic Peach

by Tina on August 18, 2015

in Beauty, Decor, Fashion, Flowers, Food, photography

Going back to Georgia always makes me want to eat loads of peaches.  As a kid I remember long road trips through grove after grove of peaches.  (That’s where it gets it’s nickname of the Peach State for those of you not familiar with it.)  My Papou (my Mom’s Dad) used to come to visit and he […]


Foraged Flowers DIY

by Tina on August 17, 2015

in Decor, DIY, Flowers

With Georgia on my mind (too cheesy?), it is hard not to get excited when I see cool things going on in my home state.  I recently came across the blog of the very talented designer, Kristin Jackson, who lives in Atlanta and authors a super inspiring blog called Hunted Interior.  I really loved the […]


If likes are any sign, you guys love flowers as much as I do, so this weekend we tried a super cool new app called Tastemakers to create a video to take you to my favorite florist in Copenhagen.  (We’ve got a few more videos there as well because the app is super easy to […]