I have to admit that I use to take the Fourth of July for granted when we lived in the US, but now I am longing for that lazy weekend with all it’s American charm.  Ten years outside the US and I am aching for the fireworks, the barbecue, the sweet tea, the American flag, and some […]

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Our friends brought us these beautiful pink peonies and, of course, I had to snap a few photos and share them because they kind of blew my mind.  Peonies seem to grow almost like weeds here in Denmark, so the florists are full of them and I literally cannot keep myself from buying them, photographing […]


Peonies For Your Weekend

by Tina on May 22, 2015

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It is the eve of the weekend and that is pretty exciting stuff!  Your thoughts, notes, comments, support, and kindness have meant the absolute world to us this week after this post.  It’s been a hard week for us, but it’s ending on a positive note.  Our nephew took a scary turn for the worse […]


I have discovered in life that when you find a good thing, it is best to hold on as tightly as possible to it and only let it slip away when it can no longer be contained.  In addition to this, I have learned that if you don’t get what you want the first time, […]


The first time one of my Danish friends recommended visiting a Cemetery I had to try not to make a face.  “Politeness first,” I thought, as my friend went on and on about how she loved to go there and walk the paths and enjoy the nature.  My only view of cemeteries up until that point […]