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I Went Crazy :: The Black Bathroom

by Tina on October 9, 2015

in Decor, our home

I know I was just saying that I love having a mix of light and dark and that really is still true, but the white bathroom has been something that has bothered me for quite some time.  I did mention that I might do something crazy in here… and I did.  I know I’m teasing […]


Taking Time To Be Still

by Tina on September 11, 2015

in Decor, our home

This week has been near chaos with projects, so as the weekend draws close I am determined to take some time to sit and sip my coffee slowly, catch up on my pile of magazines, and play with the kids.  After I catch my breath a bit, I’ll be plunging head long back into my stack […]


Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback from our living room reveal yesterday!  Today I thought it would be nice to chat about how our rooms transition and change seasonally.  I grew up in a home where my mom decorated for every season (and any sub season she could think of!) so I […]


I have been working on recreating our home for the past few months, and today I get to reveal our monochromatic and modern living room.  I wanted to live in a space that felt calm, family friendly, but with a touch of modern elegance.  It was important to me that the space felt like it belonged […]


After yesterday’s post when I was singing the praise of color, I almost feel the need to defend my white bathroom.  White is the presence of all color, right?  I just threw the entire rainbow in here and this is what I ended up with! Not buying it? I’ve actually thought about painting the bathroom […]