by Tina on August 28, 2017

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After years spent curiously exploring the world, we have landed safely back in our home town of Atlanta with our family.  But don’t worry!  We are hardly sitting around!  Instead, we have found the land of opportunity to be everything it has promised to be.  Starting with buying and fixing up our own Spiffer Upper in […]


I love when families contact us for their portraits because inevitably they want something different from what most photographers take.  (I guess we have that kind of reputation around town.)  Megan and I her family were hoping to capture a family date in Copenhagen since as expats this isn’t going to always be their life’s backdrop […]

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Jack and I were so delighted to help our dear friends create visual stories for their new rain boot company, NIBU, which was founded here in Copenhagen, Denmark.  With more than 120 rainy days every year (written while it pours outside my window!), Danes know a thing or two about rainy weather and they happen to be […]


My nearly 9 year blogging journey has literally been one of the most life altering things that has ever happened to me.  Having a place where I am expected to show up regularly and share a piece of myself, my work, and my perspective have pushed me to strive harder, dig deeper, and seek harder […]


Room With A View

by Tina on October 26, 2015

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Our life has been in a state of nearly chaotic activity, most of which has been completely amazing since launching House of Valentina, but our youngest has also been having a lot of trouble with his school and that has definitely been adding to our stress level.  I’ll write more about that later since some of […]