I have been so busy prepping for the big project I am working on that I have barely had the chance to even look at my photos from our trip to Lisbon, Portugal, but I finally had a chance over the weekend to catch up a bit and found some of my favorite images of […]


What To Buy In Portugal

by Tina on September 30, 2015

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Wondering what to buy in Portugal?  There are lots of things that will tempt you. If you are looking for something with a little bit more lasting quality and personality, then this is the list for you!  The best part?  All of the items that could fit in your carry on if necessary, though you may […]

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The town of Cascais, Portugal is a fairly typical beach town besides the fact that it is steeped in history and is drop dead gorgeous.  And while it is a total stunner (note all the photos as proof of it’s beauty), the town offers what most beach towns offer.  You will find lots of flip […]


Once we hit the ground, my husband shows no mercy when it comes to getting the heck out of the airport and on to our destination.  Potty breaks?  Suck it up!  Lost luggage?  Tantrum and more rushing.  The man goes from being perfectly docile in almost every other life situation to a red eyed crazy […]

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The city of Lisbon doesn’t really have a beach that most would want to visit, but the town of Cascais is a 40 minute train ride from the city.  While the ride felt a bit tiring and the ticketing system was having problems, we  thought the ride was well worth it and before too long […]