Raising a Traveling Tribe

While much of the world is going back to school, our little people are still in travel mode as we enjoy our last few days in Florida after a whirlwind that took us from Paris to Lisbon to Copenhagen to Atlanta and now on to three different cities in Florida.  One thing that has constantly […]


We used to say that if our children learn how to cuss in English we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves since we are their main source of the English language.  We have discovered, though, that if you want to learn how to cuss in a foreign language, you need not look any further than […]


I never imagined that having my house in a state of construction could be so stressful and I have a whole new respect for anyone who has ever had any kind of renovations done on their home.  We did some renovations on our home in Morocco so this isn’t our first time dealing with something like this […]

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We spend a lot of time here on Traveling Mama promoting the idea of travel and life abroad.  It can feel a bit glamorous and sexy at times and sometimes it feels that way to us, too, but now and then it also means giving up things that matter to us and making hard choices that […]


When I was a little girl, my family lived in a two story house with a garage/basement combo.  My Dad’s office was in the basement and sometimes I would sneak away from the noise of the upstairs to do my homework somewhere quiet.  The thing you have to understand about me and that basement/garage combo is that I […]