What To Buy In Portugal

by Tina on September 30, 2015

in Portugal, Shops, Travel

Wondering what to buy in Portugal?  There are lots of things that will tempt you. If you are looking for something with a little bit more lasting quality and personality, then this is the list for you!  The best part?  All of the items that could fit in your carry on if necessary, though you may […]

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The Merci Shop in Paris has been on my Paris bucket list for years. In fact, the last time we visited a few years ago we were headed to it when my husband pitched a fit about visiting a store rather than an iconic Parisian landmark and convinced me to forget it.  He has, obviously, […]


Where to Shop in Gothenburg :: Market 29

by Tina on February 24, 2015

in Shops, Sweden

If you ask where to shop in Gothenburg, Sweden, chances are that most of the locals are going to recommend heading directly to Haga, a super quaint shopping street filled with antique stores, bakeries, and cobblestoned streets.  Among these great little shops and cafes, you will also find Market 29, a shop that finds the perfect balance […]


As we stepped into Knack Studios I had to stifle my naturally zealous gasp.  This place was filled with a light that seemed nothing short of magic… Moments earlier we had just been driving through rows and rows of mill houses in an up and coming area of Greenville, South Carolina.  (We like to poke around […]


There are a million and one reasons why people travel around the world.  Some go in search of themselves, some go looking for meaning and purpose, while others want to answer life’s great questions.  I figured out long ago that all those reasons are valid ones for travel, but what I really want is to […]