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I won’t always update you here when I post on House of Valentina (so please subscribe there, too!) but this Kid Friendly Paris Rental through Kid & Coe is something I wanted to make sure you saw since I posted it before the site officially launched. This Paris flat is located within walking distance to Sacre […]

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Live Like a Designer in London

by Tina on September 18, 2015

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I woke up in a cold sweat last night in a complete panic.  I literally couldn’t figure out where in the world I was.  For reals.  I was completely lost.  I’m generally the type that enjoys waking up in other peoples’ beds.  (Not usually when they are in it themselves,) But as avid travelers and […]


There is a little used terminal that is pretty much what some might call the Copenhagen Airport Best Kept Secret.  Now, I’m only sharing this with you as long as you keep this little nugget to yourself.  Once word got out about the cherry blossoms and Atelier September, madness broke loose and now all you […]


The Merci Shop in Paris has been on my Paris bucket list for years. In fact, the last time we visited a few years ago we were headed to it when my husband pitched a fit about visiting a store rather than an iconic Parisian landmark and convinced me to forget it.  He has, obviously, […]


A few of you have heard our big news, but we want to formally introduce our new site, We Are Urbanites.  This site will different from Traveling Mama and, while at times it will have great travel tips and finds, it will be primarily focused on the great cities of the world, the amazing people who […]