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It was the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon that warm Spring day.   with [] the sun happily shining down on their little party they chat about this and that. . . While the little tribesmen contentedly filled the time with their little toys. She poured them steaming hot tea and served delicious cookies. . . And everyone drank deeply of the mint tea. It wasn't too long after all the cookies had disappeared that the little tribesmen began begging for a game of hide and seek- a favorite with their friend, Fatima. As she quickly jumped up to oblige them, the Traveling Mama and the Traveling Man sat politely, but it wasn't too long before the The Traveling Man insisted on taking more and more pictures of his bride. She insisted that enough was enough so the Traveling Man restlessly began exploring Fatima's abode, which was not to disappoint. Oh, what lovely treasures there were to be found in each room , but alas just a peek is all there is to share today.

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