Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

by Tina on March 24, 2014

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Spring has almost arrived in Denmark.  Buds are appearing on branches, tulips are nearly ready to burst forth, and the country seems to be letting out a collective exhale… We have made it through the darkest days of winter and the light of day is beginning to stretch longer and longer and with it comes the hope and expectation of another glorious Spring.

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Earlier this week while a chilly rain pattered against the windowpanes, we escaped to the warm and gloriously green Copenhagen Botanical Gardens.  Our visit was such a nice mid-week treat and we wondered out loud why we had not come to visit before now.  Located right in the middle of Copenhagen, the Botanical Gardens are a quiet little oasis that are open year round.  I have a feeling we will be stopping in regularly from now on and we highly recommend a visit.  If you are interested in visiting, be sure to check the Botanical Gardens website for opening hours and special exhibitions.

I hope our little trip will bring a fresh touch of spring to your day…

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Is there a special place you go to escape the rain?  Perhaps you have a Botanical Gardens near you waiting to be discovered?


Copenhagen Botanical Gardens and Museum

Clothing: Tina: Eaton Top, Jade Jeggings, and Bag: care of White Stuff,

Photography: Jack and Tina Fussell


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Eva Enemark March 24, 2014 at 2:26 pm

I love botanical garden(s) and has been to the one in Cph many times over the years I’ve lived here. I have the idea I’ve been to one in Lisbon, Gives great inspiration for plants in clay-jars on the balcony specially during the summer.
Blessings, Eva


Tina March 25, 2014 at 10:29 pm

Lisbon sounds great, too!


Claudia April 20, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Lisbon always sounds like a great idea :) I’m still waiting for you guys around here! And then we can make it to all the botanical gardens you wish ;)


Laura March 24, 2014 at 2:34 pm

I’m so happy you posted the picture with the coffee tree sign! Since we were in Vietnam in 2010, where we had the chance to smell the flowers from the coffee trees, I have wanted to visit the botanical garden in Copenhagen, only to smell them once again. The flowers of that tree… I haven’t smelled anything like that!


Tina March 25, 2014 at 10:30 pm

Jack was pretty excited to see it, too. It definitely made him crave a cup of coffee! :-)


Celena March 24, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Love the botanical gardens in KBH. I used to go there all the time to escape bad weather!
Looks like you had a great time! You and your son are gorgeous :)


Tina March 25, 2014 at 10:31 pm

You are so sweet, Thank you! I wish I had realized what was there sooner!


ania @ the new diplomat's wife March 24, 2014 at 3:28 pm

so glad you guys got to go! we would go there to hide from the cold in the green house.
love the photos and editing on this batch ;)


Tina March 25, 2014 at 10:31 pm

Thanks. You’ve been here a fraction of the time we have and you have already been there… silly us!


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