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by Tina on April 23, 2009

in Decor, Food

I’ve got tons to share with you, but it’s been a long day (but so good!)  I thought I would give a few links to follow for some awesome blogs I recently discovered…

First, check out this link to see the boys’ room!

And I spent forever checking out the archives on Nicole’s blog.  She has such a great style!

Oh, and if you want some really awesome ideas for your kids’ rooms check out this link.  and this one too!

This one has some great inspiration- both home and fashion!


Okay, so those links should keep you busy for a while (or at least they kept me busy!)  If you need a great recipe for dinner try this one. Serious delish and super quick and easy.  We skipped the puff pastry and opted for homemade garlic poppy seed bread and I think we almost died with the first bite.   Yes, that good.  So, grab a rotisserie chicken next time you are at the grocery store because you probably have the rest of the ingredients on hand!

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