Christmas in Copenhagen: Danish Pebernødder Recipe

by Tina on December 13, 2013

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Christmas in Denmark is so charming.  The streets are lined with greenery and lights, candles flicker in every home, and Christmas music can be heard in the many of the streets and train stations.  Besides those things you will also find special treats being served, including these delicious Danish pebernødder cookies, or directly translated, pepper nut cookies.  (A name that comes from the size and shape rather than an actual nut.)

They are a little like a blend of a graham cracker and a gingerbread cookie and 100% delicious.  You will find these at most parties at the holidays here in Denmark (I have even served them myself!), plus most shops and businesses have little baskets out for everyone to enjoy.  My husband has a particular appreciation for this little tradition and always grabs a few, certain that they were put there just for him.  Who can resist them, though?  They are tiny bites are deliciousness!

traveling mama pebernødder christmas cookies

This year I decided it would be fun to make some of my own, but realized that it was quite difficult to find a recipe in English to share with you, so I tested a few and adapted one to give you my favorite. I was delighted to discover how ridiculously easy they are to make and this is definitely a kid friendly recipe if you have little ones who like to join you in the kitchen.

I was worried that making them with oil rather than butter would not be as good, but even my daughter’s best Danish friend swore they were the best she had ever eaten (certainly not an effort to stroke the baker’s ego!)  You can simple substitute the oil for butter if you prefer, but if you happen to not have butter on hand or are lactose intolerant, this is a great recipe to try!

I hope this Danish Pebernødder Recipe will bring a little bit of Denmark to each of your homes!  Happy Baking!

Traveling Mama’s Danish Pebernødder Cookies

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Quyen December 13, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Looks delicious! I would love to go to Denmark during the Christmas time!


Juliette December 16, 2013 at 12:31 pm

I just printed out the recipe and will give it a try this week! This is my annual bake-a-thon to make cookie bags for all of S.’s students! =O


Tina December 16, 2013 at 10:30 pm

Awesome! Don’t be put off by the dryness of the dough. Just squish it together and go with it! 🙂


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