DIY Paper Airplane Party Decor:: A Simple Idea turned Party Game

by Tina on October 10, 2013

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As I prepped for my son’s fifth birthday last week, I really wanted to think of something unique and special for his party decor that was not too time consuming to make or too expensive.  He loves to fly and I thought it would be so sweet to create a magical collection of paper airplanes flying over his birthday table.

paper airplane diy traveling mama-2

I remember my Dad teaching me how to make a paper airplane.  I thought he was the coolest  and smartest guy on the planet, so maybe you can get your kids involved with this project and really impress them (and we just won’t tell them how simple they are to make!)  My Dad showed with lined notebook paper, but to add color and weight to your party decor, try using heavier papers like these scrapbooking papers.

paper airplane diy traveling mama

1. Trim your paper into an 8.5″ x 11″ rectangle.  (You can even make smaller ones by reducing the dimensions equally.)

2. Fold the paper in half length wise, crease, and then open again.

3. Create a triangle at the top of the long end by bringing the corners down to the centre and crease.

4. Fold each side over to the center line again.

5.Press and crease the new triangle into place.


6. Fold the right side over the left side and crease again.

7. Pull the right flap back down to the bottom edge and crease.

8. Flip the airplane over and do the same to the other side.

9. Tear off a piece of super sticky tape.

10. Adhere tape to inside of the airplane.

11. Press paper clip into the tape and seal the airplane shut.

paper airplane diy traveling mama-14

Now just tie on a piece of string at whatever length you want and tape them to the ceiling.  If the party guests get restless, you can remove the paper clip and see whose airplane flies the furthest!  We still have these airplanes all over the house.  They hold up really well because of the heavier weight of the paper.

Have a great flight and don’t forget to check back to see Landon’s Fifth Birthday Party if you missed it!

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Julie October 10, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Cute idea! Especially for a boys party 🙂


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