Fall Infusion:: Bring on the Moody & Haunting Interior

by Tina on September 29, 2015

in Decor

HWTCollect-07 I have never really been much into decorating for Halloween, but when it comes to Fall, I am always on the hunt for ways to bring in the coziness and warmth of the season.  These images with styling by Glen Proebstel, an Aussie living in New York City, seem to embrace all of the makes-your-heart-happy feeling of fall while simultaneously being moody and hauntingly beautiful. Layers of layers of linen, concrete, wood, and peeling paint add texture to these spaces while a few well places modern and brassy items keep them grounded in the present.

I love that Glen makes little imperfections, such as something being a little off, linens not stacked perfectly or a bit of messiness, feel inviting and inspiring.  Too often there is a feeling of perfection in magazines that can make a lot of us feel bad about our own homes, but homes are meant to be imperfect!  They are a reference to the people living in them and since, oftentimes, our greatest imperfections are what make us interesting and unique… kind of like Karolina Kurkova’s lack of a belly button or  Meryl Streep’s signature nose, we should celebrate the parts of our homes that seem imperfect (at least according to how others might define them) and not take our homes too seriously.

Great things happen when we embrace imperfection.   Valentina Fussell ArtistHWT-01 ArtistHWT-02 ArtistHWT-03 ArtistHWT-04 ArtistHWT-05 ArtistHWT-06 ArtistHWT-07 HWTCollect-01 HWTCollect-02 HWTCollect-03 HWTCollect-04 HWTCollect-05

Anyone else ready to give two thumbs up to the Moody & Haunting Interior?

You can also watch an amazing video of Glen in action on The Design Files

All Images via Glen Proebstel

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