five {free} travel apps we love: because travel technology makes life so much easier

by Tina on August 8, 2013

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Traveling today is, in many ways, just like it was in the old days.  The sense of adventure is timeless, and so is the thrill of road beneath our feet and miles of discovery ahead of us.  But the digital possibilities can really make traveling a little less hectic because who really wants to sleep in a flea infested hotel or miss that awesome site that was just around the bend? These apps are definitely among our favorites and here is why:

There are countless ways to book hotels both online and with a smartphone, but the app for stands out among the rest.  The ability to look up hotels based on location means that no matter where your journey takes you, you can always find somewhere to stay.  You can also read reviews from fellow travelers and see photos before you book.  All of your hotel reservations are kept within the app so you can easily track your stay and tweak them at the last minute, say if your four year old suddenly wakes up sick and you don’t what to spend the day trying to sooth him in the car just to make your hotel reservation.


This app uses your GPS coordinates to tell you where everything from Parking and Gas Stations are to the closest  Bank/ATM and Hospital.  We found this especially useful while in Germany because many places do not take credit/debit cards and this app kept us from wasting time trying to hunt down an ATM.

Trip Advisor offline City Guides

There are loads of apps that you will need WIFI to take advantage of, but Travel Advisor is one that you can download in advance and have on hand when you tour a new city.


While we love taking hundreds (and thousands) of photos with our DSLR, sometimes we want a quick option so we can share our trip along the way with family and friends.  This app is rated super high because the presets truly emulate film without feeling gimmicky.  You can check out my instagram to see the photos I took along the way with VSCO!  (You can also share your photos via instagram, FB, Twitter, and even e-mail with this app!)

Charades for kids 

There is a reason most parents avoid long trips with their kids.  Kids get bored and they get restless fast.  Even after arriving at a hotel or restaurant, ours started to get ants in their pants.  This app is super awesome because it is fun and comes with over 15 kid categories!  Definitely worth a download and it’s free!


I hope these apps will help you in your travels!  Here are three other travel apps that you shouldn’t leave home without!

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