How Our Rooms Transition and Change Seasonally

by Tina on September 4, 2015

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Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Home-24

Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback from our living room reveal yesterday!  Today I thought it would be nice to chat about how our rooms transition and change seasonally.  I grew up in a home where my mom decorated for every season (and any sub season she could think of!) so I always assumed that everyone moved things around their homes.  I was surprised to realize that many people put things in one place and leave them there indefinitely.

While I do not advocate a once size fits all design theory, having rooms that breathe and transition with the seasons can make them feel fresh and living.  The eye can grow accustomed to what it sees regularly to the point that we no longer see what is before us anymore.  By taking one piece from a room and trying it in another, it seems to almost instantly catch the eye and give fresh life to a space that we might have been overlooking for quite some time.

I recommend purchasing a few key pieces that will be staples to you rooms and then allow your accessories, flowers, and pillows to bring new life to your spaces and help them transition from one season to the next.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces, some of which are staples, such as the velvet curtains, the antique mirror, and the cabinet.  Then others are transitional essentials pieces that have a good chance of visiting other places within our home, including the flowers and the coffee pot serving as a vase.

Valentina Fussell Modern Living Room

Flowers for every season

Tom Ford Book


Vintage Silver Mirror

Antique Silver Coffee Pot

Grey All purpose Cabinet

Velvet Grommet Curtains

Voluspa Candle

Industrial Task Lamp

Dramatic Bust

Paper Pendant Lamp Shade 

Kartell Papyrus Chair


Photography and Styling: Valentina Fussell

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