Last {Minute}, No Carve Pumpkin: Painted DIY Pumpkins

by Tina on October 29, 2013

in DIY

Painted Pumpkins traveling mama3 If you are on the hunt for the perfect last minute pumpkin for Halloween this year, these Painted DIY Pumpkins may be just the thing for you.  They are fun and modern and can be personalized to any color scheme.  With just a mix of pumpkins, Acrylic Paints, and a paint brush you will be set to create your own design.  Kids would especially love using paint to create their own unique pumpkin creation, too, so get them to pop in and join in the fun!

Painted Pumpkins traveling mama_ Painted Pumpkins traveling mama_-3

Painted Pumpkins traveling mama_-4

To create the animal print, I grabbed my sweatshirt and used it to help guide me as I painted.  I painted the base coat first and them added the cheetah print after the first coat was dry.

Painted Pumpkins traveling mama2 Painted Pumpkins traveling mama2-2

For the polka dots, use a Round Foam Paintbrushes to keep the dots uniform.  I simply daubed paint onto the brush, pressed it against the pumpkin, and twisted gently to make sure the dot filled in.  Let your pumpkins dry and then your no-carve Painted DIY Pumpkins are ready to for the porch, the mantel, or even displayed as a centerpiece on your table!

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