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by Tina on September 18, 2015

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I woke up in a cold sweat last night in a complete panic.  I literally couldn’t figure out where in the world I was.  For reals.  I was completely lost.  I’m generally the type that enjoys waking up in other peoples’ beds.  (Not usually when they are in it themselves,) But as avid travelers and frequent apartment renters, it can be pretty exciting to live in someone else’s shoes for a few days.

Besides the fact that I probably need some sort of therapy for the paralysis of my sense of direction in the night, I’m still pretty stoked about the fact that  Karine Candice Kong from Bodie and Fou has recently listed her home on Kid & Coe.  I would LOVE to live like Karine for a few days, waking up with her home all around me.  I wonder if some of her incredible sense of style and taste will surreptitiously rub off on me… surely that is not asking too much?

I actually met Karine in person last year when she was in Copenhagen for a pop up shop collaboration with Vipp.  Not only does she speak with a perfectly charming French accent that makes you wish you could sound that cool all the time, but she is infinitely kind and sweet, and incredibly talented.  (Like the kind of talented that you usually hate a person for, except when they are so freaking nice that you can’t help but love them.)

If you are looking for the chance to live like a designer in London, then you are definitely going to love Karine’s place… The listing also promises great shopping nearby.  As if we needed more motivation for hopping on a plane and heading to London!

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Find out more about Karine at her blog and her shop, Bodie and Fou.

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