On life and little creature comforts…

by Tina on December 9, 2015

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Cowl Scarf

It was never my intention to fall off the face of this blog, and quite honestly, those are words that I never thought I would utter after nearly nine years of showing up consistently.

As it turns out, my new blog, House of Valentina, has become an incredible delight for me, and has brought more opportunities for me than I ever imagined!  Everyone always says that you just have to step out and have a little faith in your dreams and I guess they were right!

At the same time, our youngest has been having a really, really hard time with school and I have had to spend more time focused on him to help him process through a lot of the changes he has gone through.  We switched his school a couple weeks ago and things seem to be improving but we’ve had some really rough days, some of it related to living in a foreign country and some of it not.  I’ll write more about that soon because, for now, I really want to chat about my current creature comforts (because isn’t that more fun anyways?)

My girlfriend, Jane, made me this beauuutiful cowl scarf that I have been wearing obsessively since the weather got cold.  Her work is AMAZING and so detailed… and she happens to have also decided to believe in her dreams and start selling her scarves.  You can see her Etsy shop here.  (You can custom order whatever color and size you like!)  I also love the larger sized one she sent me in an oatmeal color and even managed to grab a couple photos on one of the windiest days in Copenhagen!
Cowl Scarf Valentina Fussell Cowl-2

My other favorites at the moment:  Chunky Sweaters over button down Denim shirts, Jungle Red or Dark and Stormy Lips, My Military Style Coat, and these booties!


What about you?  What are you up to these days?  Are the holidays keeping you super busy?

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Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-29

I love when families contact us for their portraits because inevitably they want something different from what most photographers take.  (I guess we have that kind of reputation around town.)  Megan and I her family were hoping to capture a family date in Copenhagen since as expats this isn’t going to always be their life’s backdrop and they wanted something extra special for their Christmas card this year.  We decided to use our one hour shoot in the city center, visiting a favorite coffee shop, and roaming the streets.  Their family was so sweet and fun loving that I couldn’t help but include a few of my favorite photos when the girls really relaxed in front of the camera, added bunny ears here and there, and laughed a lot in between.

There were thousands of photos to sort through afterwards and over a hundred shots that I sent to Megan, but these are some of my favorite of the black and white ones.

If you are in the Copenhagen area and would like to book us for an upcoming event or to capture your family, contact me here!

Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-21 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-18 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-12 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-90 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-91 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-92 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-14 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-16 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-47 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family b-9 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family b-8 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-49 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-39 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family b-10 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family b-18 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family b-24 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-85 Valentina Fussell Megan & Family-86

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Slowing Down The Pace…

by Tina on November 10, 2015

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 Traveling With Kids :: The New Diplomat's Wife :: Valentina Fussell

Ania, the author of The New Diplomat’s Wife and mom of two is back to share more of her experiences with traveling with kids!  Thanks so much, Ania!

Have you noticed that travel has become nearly a new form of rat race? You read definitive guide upon definitive guide on a place, and then there is so much pressure to instagram it, and photograph it, and make a video collage and montage and triage… You work to get through all the recommendations you’ve filed away on a place so that somewhere, someday you can write the newer and even more definitive guide. The cool thing about traveling with a baby is that you let that all go…first because you’ll have to, and later, you’ll find you do because you want to.

Traveling with a baby is the perfect excuse  – or the perfect scapegoat – for slowing down.  It might take you one or two trips to realize that you can’t quite keep your prior pace without making yourself and everyone around you crazy, but once you do, I think you’ll find it’s the most freeing admission you’ll make in your traveling memory.

A baby in tow on your travels means that days will likely start earlier, that it will take longer to get out the door, that breaks will be more frequent and that bed times will come sooner and not always be uninterrupted.  After all, most babies prefer to be on their own schedules, rather than follow yours – and that’s doubly true if there is jet lag involved.

But it also means that you yourself will slow down.  You’ll get to know hotels and their staff better.  You’ll learn that your hotel room actually matters because you’ll naturally spend more time in it.  Or you might bypass hotels altogether to stay more in apartments and home swaps, taking on the identity of resident in your chosen destination for just a little while.  You’ll realize how important it is to you when waiters and salespeople and total strangers take the time to be nice to your baby or hold the door or help out when needed.  Little connections start to mean a whole lot more than big landmarks.

Slowing down with a baby also means that you’ll be able to absorb the little corners of places more fully, like the cafe where you stopped to feed or the statue by the park bench where you sat to rock the baby to sleep.  New places that you travel to become your own places in a special way because there was a new little person in tow to share that moment with you.  Because that person is likely the most important person in your life, those memories really hold, regardless of whether you got a picture of it or not.

As your child gets older, you’ll be able to do more – the pendulum does swing back.  Eventually, you’ll find that you might even be able to return to your old pace, but I suspect, after getting used to all of this, you might not want to. That’s okay, just keep blaming the baby.  They won’t mind.


Photography: Valentina and Jack Fussell


Valentina Fussell Christmas Cards3

Our holiday Craftenhagen events are always my favorite every year.  With the chaos that surrounds the holidays, this November event is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas treats to eat, a warm fire aglow, and Christmas music while we get a head start on holiday preparation.

If you have never attended a Craftenhagen event, Christmas Cards 2015 is definitely one to consider if you will be in the Copenhagen area.  Each month a group of us creative ladies meets in my home to try a new craft, a great recipe, a new technique, or whatever it is that we have come up with.  We’ve done everything from Bread making and macarons to clay ornaments and home decor.  The group is open to anyone who would like to anyone who would like to attend and registration and details can be found on the Craftenhagen event page!

For this event I will be pulling out all the Christmas supplies and letting the attendants create designs that really show off their style.  Here are two takes I created, one that is cute and fun while the other is a little more of a blend of traditional and modern.

Valentina Fussell Christmas Cards-3 Valentina Fussell Christmas Cards


Photos: Valentina Fussell


NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell

Jack and I were so delighted to help our dear friends create visual stories for their new rain boot company, NIBU, which was founded here in Copenhagen, Denmark.  With more than 120 rainy days every year (written while it pours outside my window!), Danes know a thing or two about rainy weather and they happen to be very stylish people, so those two things put together equals one truly beautiful boot.

NIBU offers a modern twist on the traditional rain boot with it’s sleek and lightweight design with the goal of not only being the elegant rain boot for every season, but every occasion as well.  This is a boot that will take you from the forest, to the beach, to downtown, to even a night on the town.

We really wanted to capture the essence of NIBU through our stories, focusing on the style, the practicality, and the design.  From story boards, to style consultations, to the day of the shoot, we focused on these key aspects to create a visual stories for every occasion.  Here are a few of our favorite shots:

NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell NIBU Rain Boots Valentina Fussell

NIBU boots come in seven colors plus a bootie and our friends are offering our readers a 20% off discount from now until December 16th with the code: Valentina


Photography: Valentina and Jack Fussell