Coffee + Everything :: House of Valentina

The quote kind of sums up my life lately.  This week has been a little chaotic for me, but loads of good things are going on and so I consider that very good chaos…   More coffee. More caffeine.  STAT!  {smiles}

Here are a few of the things that have been keeping me busy and might be interesting to you!

Valentina Fussell Teen Desk and Vanity-12

We created this beautiful desk and vanity area for Hailey and there is a video tour with a reveal here!

Valentina Fussell Gemini Residence-14

I had the chance to go inside the private and very exclusive Gemini Residence.  It is an architectural masterpiece!

Fall Leaves :: House of Valentina

The leaves are changing and are super beautiful this year.

Ghost Cupcakes & Frankenstein Marshmallows :: Valentina Fussell Halloween

We are getting a head start on Halloween & celebrating with these ghost cupcakes & Frankstein Marshmallows!

Fall Flowers :: House of Valentina

I got a year older, but the flowers softened the blow… kind of.

 H&M Christmas :: House of Valentina

This weekend brings us into November & that means GO TIME for the holidays.  I’m finding some serious inspiration here!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Room With A View

by Tina on October 26, 2015

in photography

Capital Homes Store Kongensgade 71-41

Our life has been in a state of nearly chaotic activity, most of which has been completely amazing since launching House of Valentina, but our youngest has also been having a lot of trouble with his school and that has definitely been adding to our stress level.  I’ll write more about that later since some of it is particularly related to culture, but before I run out the door to another photo shoot, I wanted to show you one of my favorite rooms with a view.

I shot this home last week (and will have a full tour soon on House of Valentina!) but right now the serenity and calm of this view is just what I needed and I hope it will bring you a little calm, peace, and inspiration for your day too!
Capital Homes Store Kongensgade 71-40 Valentina Fussell Store Kongensgade-2 Valentina Fussell Store Kongensgade-3 Valentina Fussell Store Kongensgade-4

Photography: Valentina Fussell


Valentina Fussell :: Kid friendly Paris Rental

I won’t always update you here when I post on House of Valentina (so please subscribe there, too!) but this Kid Friendly Paris Rental through Kid & Coe is something I wanted to make sure you saw since I posted it before the site officially launched.

This Paris flat is located within walking distance to Sacre Couer, the Louvre, and so much more.  We had the most amazing stay here with our family and definitely think it’s worth checking out!  The home is owned by Marie, who opened one of Europe’s top online kid’s shop, Little Fashion Gallery back in 2006,  and has since been appointed VP Digital for one of the leading kids fashion group, so her place was the quintessential blend kid-friendly and well designed.  She also had shelves and shelves of back issues of Elle Decoration, which made me almost not want to leave… but Paris was waiting, so I suffered on!  {smiles}

See the full article with a complete home tour on House of Valentina!

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Become A Contributor!

by Tina on October 20, 2015

in photography

Valentina Fussell Beach Morning-2

Thank you all SO much for the incredible response to my new Design/Style blog, House of Valentina.  You all kind of blew me away!!  Big hugs to all!!

After nearly nine years of sharing our own adventures traveling, learning new languages, exploring cultures, and generally finding ourselves somewhere between five flavors of gelato and a deserted parking garage, I want to open “The Mike” up to more of you.  I know many of you are avid Traveling Mamas because I receive e-mails all the time from you telling me about the adventures in love and mishap that you have had with your kids.

I would LOVE to be able to publish some of your stories and/or travel tips of traveling and living abroad with kids.  Maybe there was a time when you packed the family up and on a spur of the moment went on the most epic disaster of a camping trip ever or you flew somewhere exotic and expensive only to have the entire family end up sick.  How did you overcome your mishaps?  What did you learn?  How did you family create beautiful memories in spite of the difficulties?

And let’s definitely not forget all of the great memories, whether it was a first trip on an airplane or a long car ride into the mountains… (I love the memory attached to this image of the time my husband took my boys to the beach at Indian Shores before the sun had even crested over the horizon to collect sea shells and hunt for new bird species.  (I love that my littlest refused to put on clothes and wore his mismatched pj’s because he didn’t care what anyone thought.)

So, it’s your turn! I would really love to hear more about your adventures, mishaps, tips, and favorite destinations as you have traveled with your kids and what traveling has meant to you and your family!


If you are interested in submitting a story and/or travel tips here is what I will need::

  1.  Image of your trip and/or your family (Please be sure it is a nice crisp image and 650px wide)
  2. A story that has a great sense of drama or your very best tips for making travel easier with kids. (Articles should be under 500 words and edited for publication.)
  3. Links to your website/instagram/etc so we can let others know who you are!

Send your submissions to me at:


Valentina Fussell House of Valentina-2

I had no idea that this moment would make my heart pound in my chest and leave me feeling so breathless and excited, but after months of planning and working, I am beyond pleased to introduce my new blog, House of Valentina.  It’s pretty easy to tell others to believe in their dreams and pursue them, but when it comes time to chase our own it can be pretty daunting.  I’ve gotten into a fairly good groove here at Traveling Mama and our 200k+ monthly readership means that there quite a few of you who have come along for more than one of our wild adventures in traveling and living abroad.

Traveling Mama has stretched me far beyond my wildest dreams, especially since I started the site on a whim to simply update our family and friends back home about our new life in Morocco.   As I sit back and think of who I was almost 9 years ago and how much my life has been transformed through this blog, I am humbled to the point of tears and touched to the very depths of my heart for all the years of kindness, encouragement, and loyalty each one of you has shown me.  I know with absolute certainty that I would never have had the courage to continue, let alone pursue my passions, had it not been for you!

So, the burning question I know many of you are wondering is, “Will Traveling Mama continue?” and the answer is yes.  I am delighted to keep Traveling Mama as a place to continue journalling, connecting, and conversing about traveling and living abroad with kids.  (And if our past is any sign, there will be plenty to chat about in the coming months!)

House of Valentina isn’t just another design blog, though it will definitely be filled with design, style guides, art, architecture, and design focused travel guides, but I wanted to create something that truly embraced the entirety of creating a home.  I hope that it will empower others to find their unique style, while also having fun with DIY’s, home tours, and much more.  You can read more about House of Valentina on the about page, visit the new blog, and even check out my brand new YouTube channel, which already has a super cool Leather Handle Trash Bin DIY waiting for you!

I do so hope that you will join us on House of Valentina.  Please be sure to subscribe so you can receive e-mails updates when cool things are going on and I would love to hear what you think (Who will leave the first comment on the new site?)

It’s time to open a new book, start a fresh chapter, and see where this new adventure takes us!  Let’s go!
Valentina Fussell House of Valentina-4 Valentina Fussell House of Valentina-6