Raising a Traveling Tribe: What does your country say about kids & sugar?

by Tina on August 26, 2013

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I have always advocated moderation and believed that giving my kids a little sugar was okay, but soon after we arrived in Denmark it was very quickly brought to our attention that Danes in general have a different perspective on sugar.

After sending a cookie to school in my daughter’s lunchbox, I received a note from the teacher asking us not to send any sugar to school.  Despite feeling a little embarrassed, I began to ask myself if I agreed whether it was inappropriate to send a little sweet treat in my child’s lunchbox or if I was going to have to politely disagree with this new cultural norm.


It’s not that Danes hate all sugar.  In fact, every week the grocery ads have “Friday Candy Specials” because the Danes love to splurge on their Toms candy and licorice in any variety over the weekend!  It is just that sugar is reserved for special occasions and a little treat over the weekend rather than a constant flow of Cap’n Crunch and Fruit Snacks.

In the defense of the Danes I will say that since moving here we have dramatically reduced the amount of sugar we eat and we feel so much better without it!  I still love to bake, A lot, but we have been inspired to eat a lot less sugar overall.

I wonder… How do you feel about the amount of sugar kids should have?  

What is the general cultural attitude towards sugar where you live?

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