Sorry boys, the Bow Tie Isn’t Just For You

by Tina on September 10, 2015

in Fashion


Have you noticed that men seem to dress up less and less these days?  Casual Fridays have turned into casual weeks and it’s such a shame that more men aren’t claiming their right to dress in a suit, a bow tie, or even a necktie.  I get that it might be uncomfortable to wear every day, but there is just something so sexy about a man in a tie (anyone else want to second that notion?)

Since the boys aren’t going to claim their right to the tie, I say it’s time that we ladies take it over, which is why you’ve been seeing me in all different sorts of bow ties lately.  I am delighted to see that it is one of this season’s hottest trends and I hope this means I won’t be the only girl sporting a bow tie!  (That was my very subtle way of trying to convince you all to jump on the bandwagon!)

It’s just so sexy to me to see a woman in a neck tie, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s attached, detached, short, or long.  A slim silk scarf tied around the neck is a subtle cry of power and femininity all mixed into one little statement piece.

Here are some of my favorite bow ties for us gals at the moment (in all different price ranges, though if you can afford it, treat yourself to silk.  It’s like God’s gift to womankind!)

Bow Tie Tory Burch has made the bow tie a thing this season and there is a video with 3 ways to tie a neck tie!

587190_fr_xl Chloe has absolutely forged the way with this black and white combination.  Stunning.

596943_rw_xl Jason Wu went double with this necktie.  It almost reminds me of back to the future… which makes me love it all the more. Recently Updated415

Alice + Olivia is going for sleek and sexy by adding the leather pants. 590440_in_xl

You can always buy a silk tie to add to the tops you already own as well!

Here are several options all under $100!

bow tie Ann Taylor does it with a wide pin stripe in black and white for $79.95 hmprod H&M offers this crepe blouse with tie for only $29.99

bow tie

Forever 21 might just steal the show with this blouse for only $17.90

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