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by Tina on January 29, 2015

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There are a million and one reasons why people travel around the world.  Some go in search of themselves, some go looking for meaning and purpose, while others want to answer life’s great questions.  I figured out long ago that all those reasons are valid ones for travel, but what I really want is to satisfy my curiosity and discover something I didn’t know before.

I don’t travel to escape, but rather to discover.  The journey may look the same.  We all buy tickets, sit in cramped quarters, and get accosted in security, but the way we interact with everything happening around us is infinitely different when we aren’t looking for some greater meaning to our existence, but rather to enjoy existence however it comes in that very moment.

Perhaps this makes me a hedonist traveler?  (A name for my next blog?  Yes!)  But what I’m looking for is something beautiful, in people, in things, in places, and, being the now self proclaimed hedonist that I am, I want to bring a souvenir home with me.  You won’t find me in the cheesy tourist shops that are filled with cheap trinkets that won’t last more than a month and have the name of the city blazoned across the front (though my husband’s affection for city mugs requires a visit to Starbucks in every city and my daughter’s key chain collection brings us precariously close to the tourist traps.)  But instead, I will be found scouring the city from one end to the other, in search of something truly beautiful and unique.

And when I find it, as I did in Still House in the East Village of NYC, I will beg the proprietor to please, please, please let me take a photo or two (for my fellow hedonist travelers sake!) and I will be on the look out for something truly wonderful that will remind me of the things that I loved most about New York.  Here at Still House was the glorious intersection of Scandinavian, Japanese, European, and NY Designers, all perfectly curated and displayed as if a photo shoot could spontaneously occur at any given moment and perfection would result…

traveling mama nyc still house-3 traveling mama nyc still house traveling mama nyc still house-5 traveling mama nyc still house-7 traveling mama nyc still house-9 traveling mama nyc still house-10

I will soon share some of my favorite souvenirs, but Still House has a well stocked Webshop that offers worldwide shipping.  Yay!  They also have an equally beautiful blog that is very inspiring as well.


Photos:: Tina Fussell

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