As you know, I was quite worried about traveling alone for the first time.  Call me silly, but the thought of going on an airplane alone and finding my way around a foreign city kind of scared me.  Ironically, quite a few things actually went wrong, starting with none of my credit cards working to […]


With only a few hours to set up and design an entire two story barn, the VT Wonen team created an awe inspiring Barn installation at the 2013 Woonbeurs Dutch Design Trade Show that still has me shaking my head in wonder.  It was incredible and definitely a highlight of my trip to Amsterdam. The attention to detail […]


As if hanging out and enjoying the company of so many talented and inspiring fellow bloggers in Amsterdam was not enough, the ladies also planned a special Meet The Blogger visit to the amazing Dutch Woonbeurs 2013 Design Trade Show.  It was a real treat and I left almost dizzy with inspiration! The Ariadne at […]


Amsterdam, the lovely city full of bikes and water and fantastic design, is truly at it’s best just before the sun sets.  I only had a few brief hours to walk around the city in a state of wonder, but it was long enough to know that this is a city that shares a kindred […]


Registration is open for the next Meet The Blogger conference and it is going to be in the magical city of Amsterdam!  I will be there, speaking about overcoming blogging obstacles and staying encouraged along the way.  If you have ever thought about quitting blogging, then you won’t want to miss it!  Plus, we will be hearing from Victoria from […]