I was putting my makeup on a few weeks ago and decided my outfit definitely needed a little red lipstick, but as I searched through my stash I realized that I didn’t own a single true red lipstick.  This utterly perplexed me.  How could I not own a red lipstick?   I mean isn’t a […]


One of our favorite places to take natural light portraits is in our tiny attic because we get beautiful light through the windows.  Even though we have two windows in this room, we closed the shade over the one that is in front of me and to my right.  By doing this, dark shadows are […]


A long time ago, in a far off life, I worked for a department store fragrance counter.  I loved that job and learned so much about how to help others choose the right fragrance for themselves.  So many of my customers felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options and who can blame them?  There […]


add a little shimmer makeup

by Tina on May 30, 2013

in Beauty, Fashion

I have always loved to add a little shimmer makeup to my beauty regime and while I was at the Hive I had several people stop and ask me about my shimmery eye shadow, so I thought I would share my little tips here, too! My go-to product that I have used for years is […]