One of the biggest challenges in the world is trying to get children to pose for photos at the holidays, but with today’s holiday photo tutorial, I am sure that you will walk away with some helpful tips.  Most kids tend to fight getting dressed up, but if you have a special holiday party, whether […]


Happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had a great weekend and that all you dads had a nice Father’s Day?  Shall we get another week started with the latest question from our “Raising A Traveling Tribe” column? Let’s face it, trying to get kids to eat new foods can be hard enough at […]


  Hello, and Happy Monday!  This week we are starting off with a new series that I hope you will enjoy.  We will be chatting regularly about raising a traveling tribe and some of the challenges, bonuses, and even tips on how to be a global family.  We as a community here on Flying House […]


A Great Book for Moving Abroad with Kids

by Tina on March 25, 2013

in Books, family

If you are looking for a great book for moving abroad with kids, then look no further because Just Landed has released a book called “Moving Planet Isn’t Easy” and it is an absolute delight for kids who are facing big changes.  I read it with my eight year old son the first time, who took turns with […]