Around here lately… Christmas 2013

by Tina on December 30, 2013

in Celebrations, family

Hi everyone!  I hope you all have been enjoying these last few days of 2013.  We have been in family mode, baking cookies, celebrating Christmas, and now spending days in a row just playing together.  I love it!  Here are a few photos from the last few days.  What about you?  What have you been […]


Christmas in Denmark is so charming.  The streets are lined with greenery and lights, candles flicker in every home, and Christmas music can be heard in the many of the streets and train stations.  Besides those things you will also find special treats being served, including these delicious Danish pebernødder cookies, or directly translated, pepper […]


We love trying new foods when we travel, and the sweeter the better!  While in Switzerland recently, we discovered these petit and buttery sandwich cookies filled with raspberry jam.  Not only are they pretty, but they melt in your mouth and are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee, or a glass of milk […]