Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover :: The Reveal!

by Tina on December 17, 2014

in Decor, DIY

Hi, everyone!  I am so excited to reveal the final shots of the budget friendly kitchen makeover with you today!  Thankfully, we have overcome persnickety outlet covers (and lived to tell about it!) and created a beautiful kitchen that is both modern and gorgeous.  With just a little bit of paint, rummaging through the cupboards […]


Copenhagen Hay Store

by Tina on February 20, 2014

in City Files, Copenhagen, Decor

If you are a local in Copenhagen then you already know that Hay is an iconic Danish store, but if you are visiting, a trip to the Copenhagen Hay Store on the Strøget is an absolute must.  I go as often as I can because the decor changes frequently and there is always something that […]


Today I get to share with you something that has created quite the stir in our household.  It is an exclusive peek at the Autumn/Winter collection for Little Remix, the children’s line created by Charlotte Eskildsen who has created a name for herself in the design world with her women’s brand, Designer’s Remix.  Not only […]


on {my} bookshelf: Kate Spade Book

by Tina on May 7, 2013

in Books

Spring is here and for most of us that means a fresh craving for color.  This Kate Spade Book, “Things We Love” book is a visual feast, sure to satisfy your most voracious color demands!  Every page is bursting with a vibrant blend of quirky and cool, which of course is just what you would expect […]


twelve lounge chairs to {own} and love

by Tina on May 2, 2013

in Decor

I have been thinking about buying another lounge chair lately, so I have been poking around the web seeing what is available.  I thought I would show you my top ten favorites, some budget friendly and others not so much!   I just couldn’t stop at ten, though, so instead you get 12 to choose […]