five {little} summer travel essentials

by Tina on July 1, 2013

in Travel

Happy July 1st to you!  We are in the midst of packing our bags and getting ready to head out later this week for a nearly month long road trip through Europe.  We are super excited and cannot wait to share our adventures and discoveries with you! These are a few things that caught my […]


Today I get to share with you something that has created quite the stir in our household.  It is an exclusive peek at the Autumn/Winter collection for Little Remix, the children’s line created by Charlotte Eskildsen who has created a name for herself in the design world with her women’s brand, Designer’s Remix.  Not only […]


two easy {crepe} paper diy’s

by Tina on March 19, 2013

in Celebrations, DIY

I grew up with crepe paper streamers at every birthday party.  It was standard to have them strung from every corner of the room to the chandelier in the center.  If we really wanted to get crazy we would twist two colors together… now that is pretty wild, right?  I bet some of you grew […]


a party {girl} inspiration

by Tina on February 25, 2013

in Celebrations

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a lovely weekend?  Are you ready to start another week? As I mentioned before, my daughter is getting ready to have her twelfth birthday in a couple weeks and we have started planning her party.  This year we decided to go with a bit of an over-the-top, […]