The Modern Leather Strap Hanger

by Tina on April 16, 2014

in Decor, our home

I was visiting with Niki from My Scandinavian Home recently and totally crushing on the gorgeous and modern leather strap hanger that she had in her home.  I was so happy to learn that it came from the very talented Stockholm based designer, Mathilda Clahr, who produces these handmade Straps from organic vegetable tanned leather in [...]


Travel Photo Storage

by Tina on March 10, 2014

in Decor, DIY, our home

Good morning and Happy New Week to you.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?  We had the most amazing time traveling over to Jutland which is mainland Denmark.  I cannot wait to share more of our discoveries with you, but today I want to chat about travel photo storage. I used to be [...]


DIY Wallpaper Table

by Tina on March 4, 2014

in Decor, DIY, our home

I am so excited to be with you guys today and to share the little DIY Wallpaper Table that created that I hope will inspire you to be brave in your own homes and find new possibilities for old pieces that you may not love so much anymore. I have had this little table in [...]


Simple Washi Tape Valentines Decor

by Tina on January 24, 2014

in Decor, DIY, our home

Are you one of those people who have jumped onto the washi tape bandwagon?  Well, if you were not before, this Simple Washi Tape Valentines Decor idea may have you rushing out to grab some.  Washi tape is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add fun (and removable) decor to your walls, so [...]


finding spring in: tine k home

by Tina on January 23, 2014

in Decor

I have been trying to remember the last time I saw the sun and for the life of me, I can barely even conjure up an image of it.  Everyone always says that January and February are the hardest months to live in Scandinavia because of the darkness and it is so true.  With only [...]