I remember the day my husband was offered a job in Denmark.  We were living in the Muslim world, in Morocco, and had just spent over two years adjusting and learning to speak oral Moroccan Arabic.  After quickly double checking to see if we even knew where Denmark was, we went through a wild mix […]


School has started here again in Denmark and maybe it has for many of your kids as well.  It is usually around this time every year that I become more aware of the differences between our US school system and the one of our host country, though sometimes even within the same country school systems […]


Today begins our summer vacation and we could not be more excited.  After spending an evening last week speaking in Arabic, I literally have not been able to get Morocco off my mind. We have actually been talking about taking a trip back to Morocco for quite some time and been doing some research lately. […]


Corner view: Out the back door

by Tina on June 10, 2009

in family, Morocco

This is what I look at every day while doing dishes and washing laundry.  I love it!  If you look closely you will notice there is a mix of old and new.  There are many houses left from when the French occupied Morocco which tend to have a more French feel in their architecture.  Also […]


{etsy} love

by Tina on May 13, 2009

in Decor, Morocco

Could you not just eat up this print by Matte Stephens. I need want this SO bad!  If this isn’t the perfect print for the Traveling Tribe… well, I just don’t know what else is. Have you all taken some time to check out Etsy?  If not, you are seriously missing out!  There is so […]