raising a traveling tribe

Meredith, an American mom from Gainesville, GA, wrote me a few weeks ago asking how long it takes to adjust to a new country.  She and her husband moved to Germany about six months ago with their two little girls, aged 4 and 8, and rather than finding things to be easier with time, things […]


We have always called ourselves the Traveling Tribe, but never before have I really considered us to be a Nomad Family.  I knew it was going to be a struggle to be away from home because, even though we love to travel, we are also homebodies, too.  In just a few weeks time we have […]


We had just thrown our luggage in our rental apartment and gone out in search of some dinner on our first night in New York City.  As parents we assumed that everyone would want to go straight to bed (or was that just wishful thinking after a long drive?) but instead our kids were ready […]

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There is something very strange that happens to us every time we make our way back to our hometown.  Inevitably we spend time looking through old photos, driving around pointing out the school that we grew up in and the baseball fields where we used to smack our cheeks on Big League Chew.  There are stories […]


I have been avoiding this post for quite some time and I think I am finally ready to write it.  Four weeks from today we will be on an airplane and leaving Denmark for six months, a fact which most people find to be exciting, but one that has really thrown me for a loop. […]