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We’ve all likely seen them… those families with kids who arrive in a frazzled rush to the gate with one kid hanging on a hip, the other screaming in the stroller, with a trail of cheerios in their wake.  Then they get on the airplane and more chaos ensues as pacifiers fly down the aisle […]


One of my favorite things to do when I travel is hunt down great shops and I was not disappointed in this gorgeous shop in Menaggio, Lake Como.  With a name like Aldo Savorani, a telltale sign that this an Italian area of Lake Como, this shop was not only full of beautiful, Italian style, but […]


Traveling today is, in many ways, just like it was in the old days.  The sense of adventure is timeless, and so is the thrill of road beneath our feet and miles of discovery ahead of us.  But the digital possibilities can really make traveling a little less hectic because who really wants to sleep […]

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Between Switzerland and Italy the summer days stretch wildly from greens and yellows to winter whites and snow… The road is hardly a straight path, but instead it winds and twists like a lazy snake, coiled and unpredictable… Within a few minutes time you can go from picking summer flowers to having a snow ball […]


Since our arrival last Friday in Italy, we have been devouring gelato, eating a scoop (or two!) every day.  Have you ever wondered what the difference between gelato and ice cream is?  We sure did!  There is just something so irresistible about it’s creamy texture and satisfying flavor and that might just be blamed on […]