The Transitional Living Room

by Tina on April 23, 2015

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Traveling Mama transitional living room

Our home is currently in a state of barely contained chaos due to the roof being replaced along with several windows in the attic, but rather than letting that make me crazy, I have been trying to create a peaceful place for us to sit together.  I’ve been playing around with the furniture in a few rooms since we had to move things anyways and the living room is going through some massive transitions.  I’ve been wanting to change this room for a while and knew that we needed to buy a new sofa, so we put the old sofa upstairs and are in the process of creating a family room upstairs where we can all actually have a place to sit rather than trying to cram into this room where only two of us could sit on the couch and see the tv.

I’ll soon show you more of the family room, which the kids have affectionately called “The Summer House” because it feels like a get away, but let’s chat about this transitional living room.  I kind of love the modern, sleek look of our Moroccan couch in here, but my mom made a very good point.  No one is going to be comfortable sitting here long and it won’t work on the adjacent wall because of where the doorway is and how you enter the room.  So, while I do think it is very pretty, I know we have to change it.

The problem?  I can’t decide on a sofa.  I have serious issues with making decisions… as in I even drive myself nuts with my own indecision!  The issue is not helped by the fact that my husband and I have completely different ideas of what sofa we should buy.  Perhaps I should let you guys help us decide?  Are you guys interested in seeing more interiors or do you prefer to see more posts on the road?  I feel like there is always a wavering here on the blog between going and staying, but that is probably because that is exactly how we live.  Forever on the road, yet always happy to come home.  We are a strange little tribe for sure!

Traveling Mama transitional living room-2

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Angelina April 23, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I vote for more interiors : )


Kelleyn April 24, 2015 at 1:31 pm

I am sure you will find the most amazing sofa! My husband and I always have a hard time too because he needs more for comfort due to a bad back and I like a more structured sofa. We landed somewhere in the middle last time. We spent hours on him sitting on couches. It is pretty funny when you think about it!


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