We’re Coming to America …

by Tina on July 15, 2014

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The day is finally here.  We have finished up our last few days of work here in Europe and now it is time to head to the US.  If excitement could carry us, we would have no need for wings because we are nearly flying with anticipation for that moment when we will step off the plane, be in America, and happily in the arms of our family.

We have a million things to see, countless places to go, a bucket list a mile long, but right now the only thing that matters to us is going home to our family and being in their world for a change… and not with a screen between us or time differences to consider or any of those things that have so often kept us from reaching out and touching the people whom we hold so close to our hearts… But for six whole months we get to sit in their living rooms, hug them constantly, and catch up on all the things that we have missed these last four years while we have been away.

Our hearts are pounding in our chests and our feet are barely touching the ground because today we’re coming to America!

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I want to say a very big thanks to HUAWEI who very generously sent us their newest smartphone, The Ascend P7, to travel with.  We would have previously sworn that we were a one brand dedicated family, but this phone has absolutely blown us away.   With a larger screen, an amazing camera, and a sleek design, it has completely won us over.

Our daughter, Hailey, has been helping us capture some of the candid moments that happen while we travel these last few days and I nearly cried when she showed me these photos from the airport.  We travel all the time but always forget to get photos of the journey, but that is what is so great about having a phone like the HUAWEI, it is easy to carry, packs without trouble, and captures those truly spectacular travel moments that sometimes slip by unnoticed.

Thank you, sweet Hailey, for giving us these beautiful photos, and thank you to HUAWEI for your generosity.

We look forward to sharing loads more from the big ‘ol USA starting next week! xx

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Laura July 15, 2014 at 4:33 am

Enjoy your trip and enjoy your America! We’re currently in Peru, and even though it’s wonderful here, we look forward to our American road trip later this year 😀


Jessica Doll July 15, 2014 at 6:35 am

Oh, I hope you all have so much fun here !


Jossie July 16, 2014 at 11:43 pm

I can put a large wad of money on it that there are many pounding hearts awaiting your arrival with much love and anticipation Tina!!!!! Enjoy every last moment of it. We just returned from a month in the States and had a ball – the most brilliant trip – can’t wait to return!


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