when {angels} sleep

by Tina on April 30, 2012

in family, photography

He has the energy of a thousand bolts of lightning and he runs like the wind, literally.  This child has no concept of doing anything without every shred of passion he can find in his little body. Most days he hardly sleeps.  We have to guard his room to get him to stay in his bed and even then, he jumps about and laughs when we tell him to lay down and close his eyes.  There has been a great deal of conversation in our home regarding his ability to live so hard and yet sleep so little.  How does he do it?  But every now and then, even he needs a moment of rest, and you better believe that when it happens… we get the camera out!

* This was, quite literally, a once in a million shot!  I hope your weekend was equally restful?

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